En-Ko(Jp-Ko very rarely) translator. Have translated(release date):
Schuld by Kelven(11/03/2013)
Desert Nightmare by Kelven(11/06/2013)
Oneshot by Mathew and Nightmargin (07/31/2014)
Pokemon Dusk by RPG-STARS (08/19/2014)
Very Retrouvalie by Prince (08/25/2014)
Blood Haze by Daedron (10/28/2014)
Antagonist by NivlaCart and more (11/18/2014)
Touhou a Live by Koki (01/31/2015)
Ringmaster Clause by Gabicho (04/30/2015)

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Starless Umbra

there's a bug in the shop character specification - in exchange (non-flip paid) shops, if you press tab to filter inventory, price of items after the filter will be considered of ones in same slot before the filter

(picture: blessing augment's cost is 20 cleaning medals, but chracter specification changed the cost to 1 ceramic cup, which is what crush augment requires)

Nightmare of The Snow 雪の悪夢

well, i intentionally keep the traditional style because not all clan in Japan during that time was willing to modernize themselves. The Kirihara family is among them.
The "Yuurei" is to shorten the word "vengeful spirit" and I don't like the word "ghost" or "spirit" because they don't sound evil.
By the way, thanks for the support! :D
Umm, thanks to reply me, but still curious about yuurei, you mean 幽霊, right? It just means ghost. Diffrent from onrei怨霊, which actually means 'vengeful/malicious ghost'.

Nightmare of The Snow 雪の悪夢

I just watched a LP of the first chapter only, couldn't play the game well due to lag(I didn't think my computer would be lagged even on RM games... that lighting script...), but I still got some issues to ask about. First of all, the master of Kirihara "kamon", who was a samurai which lived from later 19th century to early 20th century... In that time, Japan already had total mordenization, called Meiji Ishin in middle of 19th century. So in his life time, there was no actual samurai, no actual shogun. What left are just the sprits and historical records even then. I suggest adjust the years of events in the Kirihara's.
Also, why do you use Japanese word directly into alphabet, as if they are un-translatable foreign word? Back to the yuurei-san at mirror scene, Yuuki said 'yuurei', instead of 'ghost', or 'sprit'. Though this game takes place in Japan, and the protagonist and other characters are Japaneses, the game language is English. So why don't you avoid bring Japanese words directly?

However, the game itself was great. I'm looking forward of the full version of game. Just keep going!


So English version of a FREEWARE(I heard the Korean version is free at all) game is three million won of kickstarter fund. What a "propessional". At least the game looks romantic in thumbnail :)

Pocket Mirror

Looks great. Can I ask for permission to translate it when the game is finished?
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