I am a writer and a gamer who loves to both play and create games of most all types. I love a good story driven RPG though I find myself lacking when I comes to creating one myself. I have been using RPG Maker since XP and focus primarily on level and dungeon design with a strong focus on evented mechanics and strategy based combat.
The Mage's Familiar
A simple Rogue-Like adventure set in a fantasy world where you must use everything at your disposal to overcome the challenges ahead of you.

Games to Play :: a playlist on

A list of all the RM games I need to finish looking for inspiration.

Passage of The Hollow Mo...
My personal greatest creation!
Grimoire of Worlds
Randomly generated RPG
Beloved Rapture
16-Bit Style Indie jRPG
Protect the Labyrinth!
The story of Escalia follows Fayhe Corin, Olivia's magically gifted daughter, and her friends Lumia and Seyfer as they find themselves in a series of unfortunate events that could spiral out of contro
Discover the world of Twell in this new adventure.
Heresies of Discord
Explore a Forbidden Shrine, Uncover clues, Stay alive.
World's Dawn
"The best of Harvest Moon coupled with better writing" (
A Thousand Star-lit Stories
Linus: The Forgotten Day...
A coming-of-age tale set in a gritty, medieval world.
Legionwood: Tale Of The ...
A J-RPG style game with a huge world and 15 + hours of gameplay.
Amulet of Athos: Legend ...
Under construction
"A joy to sit down and play" - Addit