I am a writer and a gamer who loves to both play and create games of most all types. I love a good story driven RPG though I find myself lacking when I comes to creating one myself. I have been using RPG Maker since XP and focus primarily on level and dungeon design with a strong focus on evented mechanics and strategy based combat.
The Mage's Familiar
A simple Rogue-Like adventure set in a fantasy world where you must use everything at your disposal to overcome the challenges ahead of you.


[RMXP] Underwater Cliff tiles,

So I am working on a project and I realized that RMXP has no tiles for underwater cliffs. Anytime I have a ledge come down right into water it looks really bad and is not a smooth transition. I have found some resources online but not of the have credits so I don't feel comfortable with using them. Is there any tilesets that people know of that use the below cliff tiles and have them fade into the water?

[RMVX ACE] Simple Battle Formula

Hello everyone, I just needed to ask a real quick question about the battle formulas in Ace. I have searched and searched for an answer to my issue but I can seem to find anything so here I go. I intend for my game to use a very simple damage formula but no matter how hard I try it does not always work. What I have currently is (a.atk - b.def) + (a.mat - b.mdf) but the issue is that one type of defense is blocking damage from the other form of attack. For instance if Mat is super low but the target has super high MDF that part of the formula returns a negative number so no matter that the attack has tons of ATK and the target has basically no DEF the attack still does no damage. I want a way to make it that each half will not return less than zero so that extra Def or Mdf does not roll over so to speak and block damage from the other damage type sorry for the lengthy post any and all help is greatly appreciated.

[RMVX ACE] A small resource request.

Hey everyone, I just had a real small request that I would be super grateful if someone did for me. What I need is some nice text to use in the intro scene of my game. I know it may be a slightly odd request but I have tried over and over to get it to look right and nothing seems to be working. I have an example from a game I have played of roughly what I need.

What I want is just a image file with the full alphabet of the style of text seen in the bottom part of that picture only blue instead of orange with text both upper and lower case so that I can piece it together into what I need.

[RMVX ACE] Small Resource Request

Hello Everyone, The other day I was working on my project and I discovered this sprite

and I decided to use it in my game. I began to place it on top of my map transfers and it fit really well with my theme but then I discovered a problem. I had forgotten to record the credits of the sprite when I downloaded it some months back and I cant seem to find where I got it. So I was wondering if anyone would be willing to make me a replacement sprite that fills the same purpose with a similar style so i know who deserves the credit thanks in advance for any replies.

Alternate Forms of Mana

Hey everyone I was wondering if you had any good ideas for alternate systems to replace the use of Mana in games. I know there are various scripts out there that allow more flexability in skill costs but I am talking about more than just HP or TP I am talking about complete other systems. For example one that I am currently using in my game Human/Spirt gauge. The gauge starts you out at 50% Human and 50% spirit and as you use more physical skills the gague moves you more twards human and as you use more magical moves you move more twards Spirit and if at any point you are at 100% for either side you auto die. I was just wondering if any of you had any ideas on systems of the like because i think it would be great to see more people using systems that are not just simply cost based.
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