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Speak No Evil Review

The funny part is that the bug is based on the elevation you're standing on - that particular dungeon uses tileset swapping for on the tracks, on the concrete and on top of the trains. The issue is that he's warping from elevation 1 or 3 onto an elevation 2 area, and the tileset does not change to reflect this.

I deleted 2k3 shortly after making this game. =\/

Huh, good to know. So you have to fight the last encounter of the sequence at a specific elevation.

Speak No Evil Review

One where 2.5/5 is average.
In that case, based on what you've written, I completely disagree with the resultant score you've given.

I'll bite. How so?

Speak No Evil Review

One where 2.5/5 is average. The game would most likely have headed for that score if it didn't have the showstopping bug that forced me to quit midway, but I do have to dock score for something like that in a complete release pretty heavily.
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