Fanciness and cut-off score

Make a plan, do an outline. Something that is small and doable.

Then just do it.

It isn't going to be perfect. No first game is. But it is experience. And all those flashy games, if they are anything other than flash, are built on experience.

Wow, the official RPG Maker site forum rules are..... wow!

There was another one, but I would really have to hunt. Both got, heated at various points. (the one I'm thinking of, had a LOT more vitriol in it).

Wow, the official RPG Maker site forum rules are..... wow!

People are always free to message me if they feel like that has happened. I've looked at every instance that has been reported to me.

I'll be honest though in saying that I've yet to see a single instance where I felt that was the case, and every time something is reported to me, I really really try to get what the person is saying, but I've not seen it.

Also, seriously, you made that account just to make that claim. Either you are hunting for another opportunity to complain and stumbled upon this community, or you are an existing member here who won't even put their face to what they say. So excuse me if I don't take you too seriously.

Wow, the official RPG Maker site forum rules are..... wow!

Based on the concentration of pure evil I remember, probably backing Trump :B

Wow, the official RPG Maker site forum rules are..... wow!

Yeah, we aren't particularly happy with the latest version of IPB either.

Wow, the official RPG Maker site forum rules are..... wow!

Honestly, I don't think we had as many rules when we first started. Most of them were reactions to pretty nasty situations, that were difficult to deal with while also being the public face of official RPG Maker.

Religion as a topic got closed off because of people either stealth using religion to bash LGBT or Atheists bashing Religion or basically every other Religion discussion that wasn't really about Religion.

Politics and Nationalism was done in the same time period I believe, and was a result of a cacophony of threads and posts derailed by... a certain person who was either legitimately or just satirically frighteningly "America Fuck Yeah". I've never figured out which.

Those kind of things on a fan forum are one thing, dealing with that on the official forums is... a different beast.

And I remember you, Craze :P.

Oh, and the gorilla is an old joke rule. I added it on the rules back when I was left in charge of as a rule to point to when someone just did something egregious that didn't really hit any other rule. And I kept it when moving over to RMW, because I'm not a robot and it makes me giggle.

Wow, the official RPG Maker site forum rules are..... wow!

Hey, I've been a member here since before RMW was a thing :P.

Wow, the official RPG Maker site forum rules are..... wow!

Odd coincidence that I just happened to be looking at RMN today.

Eh, most of the rules exist so that we can point at them if things become an actual problem. Being official forums, literally, people will try to call up the home office to complain about things that happened on the forum. It is nice to be able to go "hey, look, there was a rule, they broke it."

And yes, we try to keep the topics to either games or rather light discussions, because that is our focus. Politics and religion can be discussed as it relates to game design, (There was actually a really long discussion of sexual politics and its connection to game design once), but general politics discussions have just proven to be more stress than they are worth.

You also have to remember that RMW probably skews much lower in age than RMN does. Discussing politics on RMW is like trying to discuss it on Facebook. Ultimately pointless yelling passed each other.

Not only that, anyone who has ever talked to me outside of me acting in a work capacity should know that my level for "excessive swearing" is pretty damn high.

Also, it is just a generally good rule to not anger gorillas.

super long mega friendship post

I linked your kickstarter on the RPG Maker official EN facebook page, Good luck!

What is your biggest question in life?

"Are my kids going to grow up to be happy?"

All the big picture questions with no real good answers just don't seem that important to me personally. I just want to know that I'm doing the right things for my kids, and that things will work out for them.
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