Inspiration and Work Ethic

One bit of advice:

If you have a sudden idea or inspiration write it down. You might forget it otherwise and kick yourself for forgetting it.

...or you might read it again sometime later and realize that it was actually a pretty crummy idea. Either way, write down your ideas somewhere.

This. Seriously.
I am an art major and once I started keeping a moleskine by my bed and writing down ideas I got, the quality of my art pieces improved a LOT.


My retinas have been burned out :(

post your picture

post your picture

Naming Conventions - Characters, Spells, and More

I'm also kinda disposed against tacky Latin-esque names. I've yet to hear a name ending with *us that I actually think sounds good. (*as, on the other hand, is always cool!)

Atticus, Icarus?

Your First Game

My first was when I was still in middle school, and I made it when RPG Maker 2000 was the newest version. It was called "Te Falta" (sp?) and was about my supremely bitchy spanish teacher. You had to battle your way through the classroom, where caricatures of different people in class would fight you. Ultimately you fought señora whatsherface and she transformed into a demon.

In my defense, I was like 12 years old at the time. And had help from my token asian friend.

Naming Conventions - Characters, Spells, and More

I normally use real-life names with a tendency towards the outdated/odd (my game/s atm are roughly based on the Victorian period, so my big list of common Victorian names (see below) helps, really), but occasionally for some reason just make up a nonsense name like Asnor or Ritian or something, because it seems to fit...

There's a lot of biblical names here. I think this is possibly more American-wild-west, actually

Ooh, that list helps me for my game quite a bit :) thank you.


Once the horse animations are complete this will be swiftly updated :) you actually won't be able to leave towns without transportation, because of the danger.

City or rural (suburbs)?

I've lived in a suburb of Phoenix my whole life. And although it's a suburb, it's within Phoenix Metropolitan so basically it's just as dense/populous as anywhere else in the city. Since so little of the land in Arizona is able to be developed on, they really cram everything in where they can.

How do you like your world map?

There's something to be said for RPGs that don't have overworld maps (Earthbound) or games where the action takes place on a number of different worlds (SaGa Frontier). It's a nice break from the ordinary, and forces the game to give more detail to individual regions and towns.

I agree. In Earthbound you really felt like you were making progress and traversing a large area. When you can just go to the worldmap and walk/ride/fly to anywhere on the planet in a matter of seconds, the sense of scale gets kind of diminished.
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