Game Mechanics Part 15

I was wondering where this post was!

Skills/World Systems:
Most of this sounds interesting, but how will the timed-reset for gathering work? Will there be things to forage that are not part of farms? If so, how often will shows respawn and how often will we find them?

I like that if we want to we can harvest Magicrystals early, but sacrifice getting more of them from that spot. It does mean if someone were to just yoink them all early, they wouldn't be able to get anymore but that is just a common sense thing as long as they are told the first time that they are destroying that spot.

Something feels off with mining, not sure what. Maybe the different tools are needed for different levels of materials or that certain spots produce certain materials and you can't harvest without the higher quality tool?

I really dunno, something just smells funny there.

Fishing sounds kind of cool; almost FF15-esqe. And a cooking system could be cool, but I don't think it is really needed. I hated cooking in Breath of the Wild, such a random and dumb mechanic to stop you from exploring the open world; what is the point of an open world if you're going to be stopped from going where you want? Usually against cooking systems due to the way they are normally implemented though your idea sounds more reasonable than most.

Digging the Magic Upgrade system a lot. I def can believe that Magic Crafting was getting to be too much to deal with. You were having issues just integrating it with the Magic Schools plugin.

Would be interested to learn more about how you are actually tracking the upgrades per character. You said the data would be stored on the character, but what does that actually mean? Does that mean you're storing specific values or like the entire skill data with the updates from the upgrades?

I also like that there will be a limit to the number of times you can upgrade a spell and that the number is based on class type. Does that mean that spells already upgraded to their highest level on, say, a compound class can be further upgraded when that character becomes a grand class?

Also like that there will be an item to give you another upgrade on a skill.

I have seen some of the tool selection menu from your stream dev. Looks like you are going even further with that which is cool. I liked the way you implemented the basic one.

I await your wall of text so I can write my own from all of my questions.

Demo Progress and Plans

Interesting information. Questions, have them do I.

Mainly about this "tech demo". How exactly would that work? Would all game mechanics be present, how lore-friendly would it be? Will there be any chance of spoilers?

Steamed Hams, but it's RPGMAKER2003!

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Game Mechanics Part 8/9

Ha, I was wondering if someone would ask this question. My honest answer is, I don't ****ing know either lmao. The way I build my enemies is that regular enemies are 25% stronger than what I think the average player will be level/stat wise at that point.

Variants will be 30%. Bosses will be 50%. Optional Bosses, 55%. Super Bosses 75% to 150%. Then from there the level system should increase it further. Since the stat system that will have the most impact early through mid-game is tied to levels, I think the boost and level boosting will be enough.

Late game that is why super bosses have such a large buff, to make up for whatever the player might have built and still offer a decent challenge. All of this is theoretical though; I won't actually know until the game is playable from start to finish and I have a bunch of play tests to pour over.

I expect to be tweaking these systems up until and even after launch.

Ah that's interesting. Kind of makes sense, you want there to be some challenge on normal so up-stating based on assumed player strength is reasonable. Super bosses sound scary af.

Mainly temp party members are just there for story beats and such. There won't be much, if any, interaction outside of cutscenes. that is the plan at least, I might change my mind if I think of something that would add to the game. Right now though, I don't see any advantages; the FF3 mechanic is cool, but ultimately fluff that didn't need to be added imo (the talking to them part, not the battle part. The battle stuff is cool as hell).


Yes and no. It is part of the AWP and is part of a new system within the AWP; an extension feature actually. We'll have an AWP-centric couple of weeks for game mechanics blogs eventually.

LMAO oh no....

Yes, the weapon skills for special weapons are tied to weapon levels however I like your idea of using refinement as a requirement as well. I will look into if I want to add that in for the ultimate weapon skills on special weapons. I can make the attacks stronger as a result if I do.

Can't always think of everything yourself. I also like that you are very open to feedback; add that to my list of shit about you as a dev that I admire.

Game Mechanics Part 14

Yep, you got the gist of most of it. It is a very complex system so I tried to break it down small enough to make sense in this blog post format without having anything visual from the game to accompany it.

Cool, it took a few times to get all that info straight, but it wasn't a huge problem. Like you said, that's a lot of hard code mechanics you went through.

As for the Primaris tress, exactly correct. Those are the base elemental trees.

I love this idea, this is the first time I have heard you mention it.

Ah, the magic crafting plugin. So, yep that has been axed for my game; I am still releasing it as a plugin though. Instead what I will be implementing is the magic upgrade system to allow you to improve the magic you know.

With all of the other stuff going on with the magic system and how classes and such are shaking out, the crafting system just didn't make sense any longer for my game. It's too big, the magic crafting plugin could potentially handle it, but game mechanics wise it would just be too sloppy to maintain over 28 characters and dozens of classes that would be able to use magic.

I like when a game dev can take an objective look at something they have put a lot of time into and say "this isn't worth it" and not try to force something into a game that won't fit. I do like the new idea to replace this system though and yeah it makes sense the reasoning why you're kicking the magic crafting system to the curb.

Once again, this is why I think this game is going to be incredible. You, as a game dev, have a realistic view on development. If something simply can't work, you look for way to modify the idea or keep the idea in spirit, but with an entirely different system. Or you just kill it entirely.

Too many devs get attached to large, complex systems and have a hard time dealing with them if they just aren't working. You don't and it is always refreshing to see when you let that side out.

Final Fantasy Provenance

A new UPRC project?! Insta sub. This dev never misses!

Game Mechanics Part 4

Eventually I will be posting up class breakdowns as part of the page information for the game. That will be later, closer to release. Part of the reason for that delay is I still don't have a lot of the classes locked down so by then I should (better have, or else we are going to have problems lol). That applies to both the Grand and Compound class questions.

Ah, so kind of like how mmos do it on their sites. Cool, looking forward to that. The Grand Classes definitely have peaked my interest a lot. They all sound really unique.

No Items
The Item option will be removed from the battle menu entirely. Healing items are basically going to be removed from the game writ large. Not sure how to accomplish that just yet outside of a lot of conditional eventing.

Thinking about making Inns more expensive as well. The idea behind this mode is to focus you on making sound tactical decisions on your magic usage. When a portion of your magic has to be sequestered for healing, how does that impact your game plan going into fights, especially boss fights.

Along side the other systems, I think this mode will be a real challenge to veteran players.

Interesting, without knowing how hard the game will be it is kind of hard to say, but that does sound like a good challenge mode. Reminds me of how Final Fantasy 7 Remake's hard mode was. It really made you think about stuff like Pray.

Boss Rush:
I think what I am going to do is build out a few maps for this mode where you move between them, fighting the bosses. You won't fight a boss that you have not fought before. This applies to all of your playthroughs, so the tracking has to be done outside of save files.

I think there will be circuits. One for just normal bosses, one with normal and optional bosses, and then a final one with all bosses including supers.

At the start of each fight you will be given the chance to respec your party. I am leaning towards allowing full access to all of the characters you have encountered, and letting you set up classes and magic the way you want.

There may be an additional set of circuits where you build up your characters over each fight with resources you get. A Survival kind of boss rush mode if you will.

Oh, spicy. I like that. So it doesn't spoil you if you haven't seen a specific boss and there will also be additional sub-modes. Man, you are going to the nines with this game; you love to see it with an RPG Maker game.

Game Mechanics Part 14

Yo man! Been reading through these blogs. So many new details that I didn't know about from watching streams and such in these.

This is some really cool shit. I have some questions though, I will post em on the blogs they relate to.

Item Crafting:
So if I understand correctly, crafting items is a multi-step process like in other games. Each item you can craft can have items that need to be crafted themselves or be a mix of those and what you called "base materials" that aren't crafted.

The amount of items needed to craft are dependent on a character or NPC's crafting level, but for character's if their crafting level is lower than the crafting level of the item you will need to use more items.

After a certain level, natural bonuses can be added to items based on the type of that item being crafted. This happens with both characters and NPCs. But in addition you can manually add these bonuses using catalyst items once your skill level is high enough to use them.

The cost for NPC crafting is based on several formulas; first the cost is calculated based on the total cost of all of the base materials used to make the crafted item. Second is the 10% of the market value of the crafted item. Third is the service fee each NPC charges based on the total crafting cost.

All of these added together is the final cost to craft an item. NPC rates can vary based on their skill and the total crafting cost can change based on the number of crafted components you already have.

Did I get all of that right? It was a massive wall of text for that system and a lot of this is new information you haven't mentioned before.

The Magic School system is pretty much how you described it on stream, but the more detail on this Priaris Tree thing is interesting. So the "Primaris" tree is the base elemental tree for a school it sounds like?

I like that, for classes that mix a magic and non-magic class together, you are only allowing the use of the learned primary schools. That makes a lot of sense since a primary school is one that you can become a master in while the secondaries are ones you just know a bit about.

It makes your choices on the schools you learn much more impactful because you can choose something that may end up being worse off for certain objectives. I like that level of thoughtfulness in game play design.

One thing I noted that you said that is wayyy different than what you have said before now is the magic "upgrade" system? Wasn't this going to be a crafting system before? What happened there?

Game Mechanics Part 10

How will element synergies work in totality? Like, if there are multiple conflicting elements, how is the system going to handle that? Are there strict rules on how this system will be used?

Game Mechanics Part 8/9

How are all of these stat upgrade systems going to be balanced? With so many ways for players to build their characters it seems like balancing enemies will be very hard to do.

For temporary party members, will there be any interaction with them like in FF3 or are they just there to supplement story and quest beats during cutscenes?

For the special weapons you talked about, are these abilities unlocked through the AWP or is this part of a new system? If part of the AWP, is there a new feature that will also add in the ability to add skills to level unlocks? Any thoughts on adding in a refinement level as a requirement for things?