I make and play games - playing games I use as a reward for reaching specific milestones within my various development projects. I've played a wide variety of games, having started at the tender age of three and worked my way up over the years so that, at one point, I was actually going out of my way to find the original games (cartridges, CDs, whatever) to play.

All games I elect to review must be 'Complete' status (though games still in the process of clearing out bugs are fine and will be noted in the review itself). These games must have a download on RMN (as I pass them to my Dropbox queue) and need to be self contained - everything I need to play should be in the download, without needing to install anything (including RTPs; we aren't living in the days of slow connections anymore, people). You should also have any fixes in the download, not something I have to look through the comments for - I'm going to be avoiding them like the plague until I've finished the review.

When I review a game, I try to play as much of it as I can possibly stand before posting the review - I make notes/write part of the review as I'm playing, so a lot of what goes into the review is first impressions of sections. I'm also not a stickler - things don't have to be perfect - but I've seen many examples of things not done perfectly but, at the same time, not done horribly. I rate five categories on a scale from 1 to 10: Story, Graphics, Sound, Gameplay & Pacing, and Mapping & Design. 5 is average to me, so it's not necessarily saying that category is bad - it's saying it's middle of the road. Games within the same editor are compared to one another, not games across editors (I'm not going to hold an RM2k game to the same standards as a VX Ace game due to system limitations, but I won't let it hold back the RM2k game's rating) - unless the game is part of a series across multiple editors.
Legion Saga X - Episode ...
A fan updated version of the RPG Maker 2000 classic




They'll look a bit closer in the end - a lot of what I'm doing right now is just using the graphics I have to help speed things up. As much as possible, they're going to be in the XP style (to match up with the tileset - Inquisitor's wonderful sets), and I do have a new character set already for Durane, I just haven't bothered to transfer it in yet (since I found the files, I've mostly been working on cleaning up scripting).

I just don't want to feel confined to match the original 100%, given that the original was confined to a limited set of graphics.

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On a scale of 1 to 10, my sanity rates pie. No, not 3.14insertdecimalplacesheretowhateverdigitsyoucanrecall, but actual pie. Pumpkin, to be precise.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

My only real suggestion (map wise) is randomize the screen shakes a little bit. They're currently running in perfect 4/4 time; even a randomization of 1 second either way will make it feel a little more... well, natural. As natural as a train gets anyways.

I see that kentona did the thing.

It's suiting. =P

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...and reading manuscripts by men who have been dead for hundreds or thousands of years in the pursuit of becoming a sorcerer.

Someone needs to invest in some chaos. It won't break your soul. I promise.

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My FC is running this thing like mad, and I'm just over here, healing on a PS3. ;_;

I swear I'm not a bot q_q

But what if you were, as a bot, programmed to wonder whether you're a bot or not? What if we're all just bots programmed to think we're humans?



Welcome to RMN! Welcome to the world of insanity. Be sure to participate and give us lots of lovely new content to compute engage with.

Weird freezes

So, here's how to diagnose this:

Make a new project with a blank map. Paste in all your scripts.
Does it still freeze? If no, then it's either a) your maps or b) a script you're calling on every map. If yes, move on.
Disable a script by deleting it.
Does it still freeze? If no, then you've found your culprit. If yes, repeat until it doesn't freeze.

Once you've tracked down which script it is, you can start to try to fix it.

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Maple syrup for all! Let's play some curling, eh!

No, seriously, I could use some maple syrup. I've been using maple milk in my coffee and it's been making me jones for the real stuff.

[VX Ace] Limits on Map Size?

500 x 500 is, I think the largest you can make the maps, period. Somewhere around that size, anyways (it might be 500 x 400, cause the 20 at the start of a number looks right to me).

I, personally, have had to decrease the size of my Ace world maps quite a bit because I like using the Mode 7 script, which generates a fair bit of lag on its own on top of large world maps. I think the largest I usually try to go is 200x200 or so, and even then I throw in the anti-lag script, just for the sake of trying some kind of optimization.