I make and play games - playing games I use as a reward for reaching specific milestones within my various development projects. I've played a wide variety of games, having started at the tender age of three and worked my way up over the years so that, at one point, I was actually going out of my way to find the original games (cartridges, CDs, whatever) to play.

All games I elect to review must be 'Complete' status (though games still in the process of clearing out bugs are fine and will be noted in the review itself). These games must have a download on RMN (as I pass them to my Dropbox queue) and need to be self contained - everything I need to play should be in the download, without needing to install anything (including RTPs; we aren't living in the days of slow connections anymore, people). You should also have any fixes in the download, not something I have to look through the comments for - I'm going to be avoiding them like the plague until I've finished the review.

When I review a game, I try to play as much of it as I can possibly stand before posting the review - I make notes/write part of the review as I'm playing, so a lot of what goes into the review is first impressions of sections. I'm also not a stickler - things don't have to be perfect - but I've seen many examples of things not done perfectly but, at the same time, not done horribly. I rate five categories on a scale from 1 to 10: Story, Graphics, Sound, Gameplay & Pacing, and Mapping & Design. 5 is average to me, so it's not necessarily saying that category is bad - it's saying it's middle of the road. Games within the same editor are compared to one another, not games across editors (I'm not going to hold an RM2k game to the same standards as a VX Ace game due to system limitations, but I won't let it hold back the RM2k game's rating) - unless the game is part of a series across multiple editors.
Legion Saga X - Episode ...
A fan updated version of the RPG Maker 2000 classic



MP3 not looping correctly

It's impossible to cleanly loop an MP3 due to a technical limitation in the file format that will always, no matter how hard you try or how cleanly your create the loop, have at least a one "frame" pause before it loops. The only way to hide the loop is to compose the music to actually have a silence at the loop point.

For best quality on your loops, use the .ogg file format - it doesn't have the same technical limitation and, if you create your loops right, you'll never notice when it loops.

Do RPGs need a story?

I mean if you claim that Skyrim or Recettear was a bad game because it didn't have enough of a story, you're crazy. I don't want to live in a world where Pokemon and X-Com and Dark Souls don't exist.

But at the same time, if you think that Final Fantasy 9 or Suikoden 2 would have been just as good if you removed the story, you're crazy. I don't want to live in a world where Kingdom Hearts and Xenogears and Ni no Kuni don't exist.

I think the main thing is, if you're going to go story heavy, don't drop a ton on the players on the very front - get the player playing the game as soon as possible, not watching twenty minutes of cut scenes, followed by a five minute segment, followed by twenty minutes of cut scenes, etc. (Metal Gear Solid 4, I'm looking at you).

I think a good example of a game that could've front loaded story and instead put you right into the action is Assassin's Creed 4. From the moment you start a new game to the moment you take control of your character, all accounted for, is less than thirty seconds of cutscene (not counting load times). You have no real clue what's occurring, but the game does a nice overlay of telling you where you are and what year it is, and that you're a member of a crew of a ship under attack. It very quickly gives you a quick movement/camera tutorial (without taking away control at any point in time) and puts you in command of the ship (briefly removing control to pop up an explanation of how to fire). Less than two minutes into the game, and you're into a ship battle on the high seas, and you haven't been burdened with a bunch of cutscenes.

And it isn't until this entire segment, being shipwrecked on an island because of the battle and finding a way off, is complete that you emerge back into the modern world and actually find out what's going on in that part of the story.

Are there restrictions on games that can be hosted here? Specifically games aimed for more mature audiences.

Do the characters have to be married before they can have sex?
I hope not since it's illegal for two mimes to get married in the universe of my game.

They'll just have to keep their love hidden until, one day, the world accepts their OTPness. <3

Do RPGs need a story?

Unfortunately, most people don't know really know a lot of good mechanical RPGs because so many rely heavily on story and just go "oh, it's an RPG, it's not expected to have awesome gamplay." That said, a lot of RPGs do have some rather dull mechanics, even the big ones - everyone raves over Ni no Kuni, and I like the game, but it'd be a pretty dull and generic game without the story (and omg, dem Ghibli graphics) to back it up (from my current experience, I haven't played a whole lot of it yet - six hour, maybe?).

Do RPGs need a story?

And even before you get it, the number of fights you have to do can be counted on both hands. The only battles you ever have to do in the game are the boss battles - there's even an achievement on the Steam version for finishing the game without Squall ever gaining a level.

[Poll] Games not being completed like expected!

So. Much. Procrastinate.
I've got a giant backlog of games to play and one MMO that keeps me from them - and that really cuts into my game making time. There's only so many hours in a day, even when you barely sleep.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

It's important to annotate your code! I'm working on some lockpicking minigames for SL: Riot Grrrl, this is the code that initialises the puzzles before you start them :)
The thing I'm working on now is over 6,000 lines now, not including white space. Not a single comment.

Pray you don't need to come back to it in a few months time to fix a bug - unless you've been very clean in writing it, you're gonna have problems.

Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians: TRPG Kickstarted by Yasumi Matsuno

If you don't believe in the good of humanity, just think of it this way: Why would they pay $60000 more than they'd need just to lose 10% of that money due to fees?

Because mathematically, they're paying $6000 to get themselves $560,000 for the project, which they probably need to help pay for expenses already accrued - I'd call that a good trade. There's also an instinct in human beings to align themselves with the greater majority, especially if there's a massive surge of popularity. If there's suddenly a massive spike in the funds, especially in the value of 1/6th of the total they want, there's a tendency to be more likely to contribute ("Oh, this project looked like it wasn't going to fly three days ago, but now it's overfunded - I wanted to get in on it, so now that I know it'll succeed, it's a good time!").

One of the most important yearly Canadian events in the history of EVERYTHING has returned for 2014.... ROLL UP THE RIM IS BACK.

And here I am, drinking my sorry excuse for coffee, half-caf. =(

And yeah, can't really blame a company for the laziness of customers who can't be bothered to dispose of their trash properly. =/

So, Aveyond: Lord of Twilight....

All you need is enough people to thumbs up and you'll get through the approval on Greenlight. Which means a lot of low quality crap slips through.

And while it's not their first XP game, it definitely looks like a first attempt with the engine.