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I had an experience and it worthed 1exp!

Just wondering... How do you feel about EXP and the way games manage it? Go ahead and give your oppinion. Would you prefer games with no experience, with 1 level up each battle or with 5 randomic different kind of experience curves that tend towards infinite and become useless after lvl 50 like in Pokemon games?

Most RPG use experience as functions like, linear (10, 20, 30, 40... the most common one) exponential (10, 11, 12, 14, 18, 26... early growth but latter it takes aeons to level up) or capped (10, 80, 140, 190, 220... hard to evolve first, but latter gets easier).

Other games like Chrono Cross have no experience or levels but Star power ups.

What about a game where the equipments are the level ups (so probably money = exp). Or games where every battle only gives 1 exp, or every battle means a level up (so exp = number of battles)? Or what about a penalty for dying (or fainitng or whatever) that reduces the exp (or level) of the character?

I know many of you have lots of experience so, what have you found that you like or annoys you about exp?

MakerScore question about game rating

Excuse me, I really don't know if this topic comes here. I've just been thinking about it and I wanted to ask, why low rated games give MORE Makerscore than unrated games?

Say for example a game that is good but has not been reviewed. Makerscore of it will be low until somebody reviews it. That may not be a main issue, but if 10 persons review 4.0 for a complete game, the game still gives 510 MS and not 5100 MS. So after a game has been review once there is no reward for the developer, unless the new review changes the game MS in a positive way. That may discourage people to review already reviewed games if their rating doesn't produce a significant change in the overall score.

On the other hand imagine a terrible game, so maybe somebody reviews it for 0.5. but MS still rises from 15 to 37 in a complete game. Twice the MS for a very bad game? Isn't MS a measure of the contribution of the developer for the community?

I've just been wondering about this and wanted to ask it. If I'm being irrational or obnoxious I beg your forgiveness beforehand (please, let me know). I just want to understand and maybe, if it gives place, promote an idea or a positive change.

[Poll] Your favourite magic element!

Well, this comes as a complement of my thread about Congruent Magic Systems. If you want, let's talk a little about magic and let me know your opinion about magic systems and which element is your favourite.

If you think an element is missing, don't doubt to ask for it to be added (I will if I can, as I don't know if it can be done...)

EDIT: Nope, I think it can't be done... I hope I included everything. You can always comment it!

Consistent Magic Systems

I don't know if this has been discussed before, probably yes. But may be it can be discussed again? Anyway...

What do you consider a Consistent Magic System? Many use: water, fire, wind, earth, dark, light. In pairs, or in a circular relationship of weak/strong.

Some may separate water form ice, use thunder as wind, dark as earth/gravity, fire as light/holy, etc.

Also Pokemon, as a particular case, don't use a predictable system.

So what do you consider a consistent magic system? What magic/element system would take its potential as far as possible (say, don't overpowering some element or making it useless)? Which characteristics you think a good magic system should have or what kind of characteristics you would like a magic system have?

Developer Team for new game

Hi RMN community!

I'm new here, but I've been into RPGMaker since 2002. I would like to develop some ideas, but in the real life excelent games usually need a developer team.

Maybe you think it's possible to do a team. Maybe you excel at a specific ability (like music composing or graphic design). If so, why don't you give it a shoot?

I also admit that I'm stuck with 2003 (because of side battles and low Ruby skills to date) but I know new engines are awesome and help about this would be appreciated!

If you like this reply so that we can develop something together.
Just wanting to develop something awesome, Treason89
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