Looking Back: Grave Spirit

Grave Spirit was an incredible game, I loved it so much. It was reminiscent of Majora's Mask and Ico, two of my favorite games. I lost it with my last computer and couldn't seem to find a working link, so thank you for this!

LockeZ's Forum RPG

This was a fun read. I wish there weren't so many people signed up so I could join in. :P

Return of the OneHour

I used to something kinda like this with an old buddy on MSN Messenger back in the day. We would take turns making crappy little RTP minigames and scenarios and sending them to each other. It was a lot of fun haha.

With that being said, I'd actually be really interested in an event like this. It's hard for me to find the time or motivation to work on an actual project, but I could see myself getting into this pretty easily.

despanrs pixel tut's :)

I definitely enjoyed these tutorials. Your use of color theory actually helped me a lot since I've been planning on making a game with my own graphics, but was never very happy with my pixel art. I hope to see more soon!

The Screenshot Topic Returns

The problem I run into is that the switch would have to be triggered based on where the monster is in relation to the party. This would be easy enough to do with x and y coordinates if everything stayed where it was, but since everything is constantly moving something more complex is required. I'm experimenting with event types such as, 'if monster distance is < 9 x and y squares away relative to party position, approach. If not, continue normal action.' at the moment, though there are of course some bugs to work out.

I made a system in my RM2K3 game where the enemy wanders around the field but starts pursuing the player if you're within ~4 steps. It ran off a simple parallel process event with the following pseudocode:
var[TargetX] = sprite[Target] X coord.

var[TargetY] = sprite[Target] Y coord.
var[TargetX] - sprite[Hero] X coord.
var[TargetY] - sprite[Hero] Y coord.
if var[TargetX] < 0
var[TargetX] * -1
if var[TargetY] < 0
var[TargetY] * -1
var[TargetX] + var[TargetY]
if var[TargetX] =< 4
switch[TargetClose] = ON
switch[TargetClose] = OFF
wait 0.0

In the enemy event, have one page for TargetClose = ON where the enemy follows the player, and a page with no preconditions for it to wander around. Using this code the enemy will stop pursuing after you exit the radius, which can be used for simpler monsters. My laptop is dying so I'll edit this post with a better explanation later but I hope this helps a little!

The Screenshot Topic Returns

A work in progress. Background and RTP graphics will be replaced once I find somebody who can sprite some stuff out a bit better than me.

Site Announcement

Well this is certainly welcome news. Props to WIP for reconsidering.

RMN Closing Down April 2nd

Well this is unfortunate. I thought this site had a lot of potential and it was a nice breath of fresh air. Just deleting it instead of passing it on is a waste of your past years you devoted into it, in my opinion.

Interesting Items in RPGs

I like the idea of mixing constant and percentage based healing items, that seems to eliminate the problem with early items becoming obsolete or outdoing later items in terms of price. Good ideas!

How about ideas for non-generic items, though? Such as items that have hidden uses or inflict unique status ailments?

Interesting Items in RPGs

So, I think we can all agree that one of the primary staples of any RPG is items. Be they healing items, collectibles, equipment, or what-have-you, during your travels you're likely to pick up bundles of them. However, I think we've all seen our fair share of Potions, Antidotes, Phoenix Downs, etc. What happened to all of the interesting items?

Super Mario RPG, for example, had some very unique items in my opinion. Sure, most of them served the same basic function as generic RPG items, but even something as simple as giving them unique names made them so much more interesting in my eyes. Potions became Mushrooms, Ethers became different kinds of Syrups, and Phoenix Downs became Pick-Me-Ups. I'm sure most, if not all, of us can agree that seeing items with these kinds of names is a breath of fresh air.

On top of that, there were plenty of items with interesting functions. Yoshi Cookies would call Yoshi to battle, and he would either turn an enemy into an items or give your party a Yoshi Candy, which recovered 100 HP. A Mystery Egg, when used by Princess Toadstool with the B'tub Ring equipped, would turn into a Lamb's Lure after 10 uses, which in turn would prevent enemies from leaving coins or experience when defeated BUT would turn into a Sheep Attack after 48 uses and turn all enemies into lambs. Pretty nifty, eh? Just to name a few.

I believe more RPG Maker game designers (or any game designers in general) could certainly learn a lesson from Super Mario RPG's items. So, to open this up for discussion: what are your thoughts on items in games? Do you prefer the typical Potions and Phoenix Downs, or are you drawn into a game more when thought is obviously put into creating new and interesting items? On top of this, a question to designers, what is your thought process on creating and implementing interesting items? Feel free to post examples of interesting items you've seen in other games as well, be they professional or indie.

Also, for those interested, a list of items in Super Mario RPG can be found here.
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