Anthropologist, specifically field archæology and palæo-reconstructive-linguistics. But mostly, it's excavating 3ftsq's; 'Indiana' Jones never made a cent (1930s) and generally, neither does one today---fortunately, we're in it for the knowledge (a tad of glory is nice too... ), not cash. Today, no one funds anything that cannot be turned into a military weapon anymore; a roof, sleeping area, and food---and you'll have over-qualified volunteers appearing out of nowhere.



Dude, Where's My Speeder?

I thoroughly enjoyed this, but then I'm just another fan (of RPG-Maker and of the original Star Wars trilogy (from back before they were numbered, and the first was simply called Star Wars) - nothing else had had to be added, we knew which was what; although we did tend to call The Empire Strikes back) Blue Harvest, and knew the answer to the question "Biggs? Who's Biggs?", and---more importantly---why)(knew his family's name, too...)). I am not an accomplished, trained, and experienced writer, or able to properly critiqué literature as are some reviewers, but I also thought one of the primary points of this site was to have fun...

...but then, I'm just a fannish know-nothing. Still, I really enjoyed your game!!!

[RMVX ACE] silly question---how do you take a screenshot?

That is, is there a macro or key-stroke in the engine for while you are playing, or do you downsize a full screenshot?

World's Dawn

What happens when you catch a Dusk Hopper---it said I'd caught it, but it vanished; tell me 'collecting' a dusk hopper does NOT mean I squished it. I'm letting them live and hop, if that is so.

World's Dawn

I agree with Samji---prices for basics are too high and there is no worthwhile amount to be made tilling the soil... you just live without.

Autumn season released!

If you visit Sparrow's sister in the Aroma Bakery (upstairs)the picture shown when she is speaking to you is of a long-haired ginger with a yellow flower in her hair. Methinks this is a bug to swat?!

Sailor Moon: The Silver Millennium

I am only just starting with gaming, so I'll apologize now. Is there a walkthrough? As well, I am stuck right near the beginning, investigating the cave; I got the boulder on the push-button and found the small illuminated area that is then available... but I cannot seem to get any further. Any help would be appreciated.

World's Dawn

Okay, this shows the 18th of Autumn---I work in the jewel mine, CANNOT find 10 apples to save my life; let alone get the pony that my parents never did <WAILING WEEPING!!!>, I feed a cat, a dog, and a hen who does not lay eggs---but does crow (something weird there, I betcha), I till the land, I converse with sage glops and feral shades, I fish (for cat and for cash)---I use the blender at the pub and was given a slow cooker: the purchased luxuries are limited to a bedspread and drapes. How could ANYONE have EVERYTHING in this picture by the middle of Autumn?!!! The price of any old thing is beyond double-digit inflation, and you only get one chance to acquire most things!!! How can you cook your True Love's favourite dish, if on the only day that the only gadget that makes it was available on the Shoppers' Channel, you were short a dollar?!! The road to True Love may not always be smooth, but even so...
(AND she's got a second-storey put in by Benjamin already too... )
Okay--Confess! Where is the Grow-Op on her farm? No wonder everyone's so happy...

(grumble, grumble; she's got a cloak, and I'll bet a horse in the barn too... grumble, humph... unfair, just plain unfair)

---Hey, where did the bookcase go?!!!!
How can you know when "Prophecy" (Quest?) is going to be on the telly without it?!!

Video thread

AGGH! I can only get 2:04 of the whole 4:08 video to play!!! AGGGH!!!
Heh-heh: it's fixed...

Video thread

So this is what might have happened if, when returning 'Doctor Who' to BBC-One, they had chosen to go with an RPG-Maker made programme, instead of relying on BBC-Wales and CGI provided by the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)(same idea as the Beeb, but located in Canada; no resemblance to the States' CBS, ABC, MSNBC, Fox, and what-have-you...].
Watch and wonder what if...

RMN: Make My Score~<3

Well, no development (or blog) for Saint Valentine's day, but all comments are forced to use the same avatar.
Ah, creativity!!!
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