Anthropologist, specifically field archæology and palæo-reconstructive-linguistics. But mostly, it's excavating 3ftsq's; 'Indiana' Jones never made a cent (1930s) and generally, neither does one today---fortunately, we're in it for the knowledge (a tad of glory is nice too... ), not cash. Today, no one funds anything that cannot be turned into a military weapon anymore; a roof, sleeping area, and food---and you'll have over-qualified volunteers appearing out of nowhere.


[RMVX ACE] silly question---how do you take a screenshot?

That is, is there a macro or key-stroke in the engine for while you are playing, or do you downsize a full screenshot?

Okay, so where does one place a video in this forum, please?

Video of The Doctor [BBC] as an RMx-Type game, or is that old?

Would this be where a short video of 'Doctor Who' as if it were an RPG-Maker type game go? Or is that worn-out or trumped already?
PM me a copy of any replies, please, (if there are any)---um, my schedule is rather erratic...

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