I was born in January of 1982 on a U.S. airbase in Misawa, Japan. My family returned home before I was old enough to form memories, but between my uncle marrying a Japanese woman and my family keeping a lot of Japanese toys, cookware, and customs around the house, I've always felt a weird connection to the land of the rising sun. I'd love to visit Japan someday, but it hasn't happened yet.

I was raised on VHS tapes of G.I.Joe, The Last Unicorn, the Rankin/Bass version the Hobbit, and so on. I know what the song "Domo Origato, Mr. Roboto" is really about. I like to write. I like to create. When I can find time, I run table-top D&D, study screenplay writing, design board games, and well, I use RPG Maker XP.


03/19/2016 10:53 PM
mundane reality—wait ... yeah, still mundane reality

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