Villain RPG

In case you wanted to know about who was weak/strong to what, I've got that info finally typed up.
Weaknesses and resistances of party members

Villain RPG

The new version has been zipped and uploaded. Check it out!

New content:
- Version number now appears on the title screen
- Added a new deadly fighting duo atop the tower of combats
- Added two more musics to the library of the O.
- "Jack Bufula" can be learned by slaying Jack Frost
- Zamza will give you an entangle scroll before a boss battle (on hard mode he gives you a dilute potion instead)
- Updated F.G. throne room dialog/battle for NG+
- Updated dialog for starting NG++

Bug fixes:
- Jumping from a waterfall with a snorkel no longer permanently paralyzes you
- MM1 can now be added to the party from the hideout
- Guards no longer casually stroll around after V. Castle is attacked
- Entering NG+ now properly resets items, switches, variables, and party members; names are no longer changed; artifacts are retained
- S. Oracle no longer has repeated dialog about missed secrets; he now has different dialog if you are on NG+

Balance changes:
- Scalding Water MP cost increased from 20 to 22
- Freezing Water MP cost increased from 18 to 20
- "Let a ripper go" damage increased from 18 to 20
- Riggy2k3's boon increased from 1235 to 2003
- Easy mode gets combat initiative when revisiting D. Castle
- "Omega" tech MP cost reduced by 25
- Ice Wave (enemy tech) damage increased from 10 to 12
- Escalaus' Attack reduced from 130 to 110
- Demi-Fiend no longer casts debilitate when at critical health
- Demi-Fiend will summon Jack Frost instead of Aquans
- Pixie casts debilitate more often, is now slightly weak to dark, and Defense increased from 80 to 90
- Mothman is now immune to thunder

Villain RPG

Good finds! I'll do another version for sure. Some of that code hasn't even been looked at in 13+ years. Thanks-

The First Izrand Blog

Music tracks picked: X? Your previous game had such a good soundtrack! I've faith in your power as a designer to kill it yet again. Best of luck!

Villain RPG Review

Thanks for the great review! This game was kind of forgotten and locked away for about 13 years until I busted it out and wrapped it up. Glad you're liking it so far! This review inspired me to create a map that shows where you might be able to recruit other party members. If you're in to this kind of spoiler, take a look: World map with character recruitment markers

Villain RPG

Woah, thanks! Hell ya, Kitagami is great. That opening track is perfect for the heroes' theme. Really glad you liked the trailer. The original plan was to have a bunch of text and show off a couple dozen biomes but I think the rush job I did on xmas day turned out alright.

Villain RPG

Here is the guide to get to the moon key from the entrance of the area. Morino also gives you a hint if you have two keys.

Villain RPG

I think the flooded cave just south-west of the hideout is a good place to get started. The difficulty spike issue that comes in at chpt 5 is probably the roughest part of the game as most places you have access to have nasty encounters that bop the party. Good hunting!

Villain RPG

Just started it! Pretty fun so far, I like that! Not the usual Rm2k fantasy game for sure!

Thanks! My favorite rm2k game was probably Blurred Line, but that's a billion years old.

Help pls

I cannot find the Moon key

The moon key is just to the right of the entrance of the area beyond all the rubble below the campfire. It's simultaneously the easiest and hardest key to find.

DELUGE by riggy2k3

Wishlisted! This looks cool. Just waiting on a steam sale at this point.
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