Tales of Yuria: The Dragon God

This game was reaaaaally fun (I submitted a review, with nearly only nice things to say !)

I'm here to answers your questionnaire (don't know if it's still topical...)

1) Larrenburg: Did you cause havoc around the village before meeting the lord and his wife (kill any of the farmer's sheep and/or burn the plant)?

Not on my first time.
On the second I did and...got a fine. And some minors change in dialogues.
I was expecting more hostility.

2) Grugg's Lair: Did you rescue Sir Lindsey and Reginald? If you did... what was the outcome?
At first, I let them to their fate (they're unbearable !!!).
The second time, I rescued them (loved the infiltration part). I am not completly done yet, but up until now they let me the credits of killing Grugg (I was expecting them to claim it was their doing) and I still haven't see them again.
Maybe they'll pop back for the dragon ? I'll see...

3) Bhakul Cathedral:
A. Did you give the mage at the Crossroads a Sun Sapphire?

I wanted to, but when I came back he was already gone. This time, I came back to him the moment I put my hand on the sapphire to give it to him.
No change until now, but I'm not done with the cathedral yet.

B. Did you rescue Silent Child?

C. Based on the above... what boss battle outcome did you get?
The boss with a few minions (since I don't know what is supposed to change...). I'll see if there is any change now that the sun sapphire has been given.

4) The Dark Forest: Did you find the Eastern Tower? If so... did you help defend it, or leave Gilmund to his fate?

I defended it. And he came back to help with the dragon.

5) Winberg Hall:
A. Did you get thrown in the dungeon? If so... how?

No, I didn't...must try it !!!!

B. Did you allow Niall (the son) to join you? If so... did he survive?

I allowed Niall the join me, and he survived.
You're telling me I must refuse him AND let him join but have him killed to see the different outcomes ?

6) Did you find the innkeep's daughter, Kaity? If so... did you help her?

I didn't find her at first.
Then, I did, and helped her (she helped back).

7) Did you get any assistance with Cinder at the very end?
From Gilmund and Kaity.

I must report a few bugs :
- the game freezes after the first encounter with Grubb. I had to play a few times to finally pass.
- the sapphire guy disappearing before we get the chance to give him the sapphire (honestly, if it's only going to change something into the cathedral, he should still be here until we step into the cathedral, shouldn't he ?)
- the woman asking for the dryads bracelets disappeared too before i could bring all the bracelets to her. managed to catch her on my second play. I think it may have something to do with finding Kaity or not finding kaity...not sure.
- After one hour or so of playing, the game just shut down. Don't know why, but since we can't save as often as we'd like, it's...unnerving.
- The first time I played (help from Gilmund and Kaity), the dragon didn't make any damages to me. It was always zero. The second time (help from no one) the damages were working...can't tell you what the problem was.

In fact, there are just two points who really bothered me :
- the lack of saving points.
We shouldn't be able to play more than 20 minutes without being able to save in those kind of game. Here, it's one hour or more.
- the timing of the dialogues.
I get that you have a story to tell (and so, lots of dialogues) and that timing them must be a loooot of work, but it's unnecessary. Even more, it's unnerving.
I read more quickly than the dialogues appear (at full speed) and when playing the game again I would like to be able to pass some dialogues more quickly.

I honestly think that without the timing, the intro could be shortened to 15 minutes or so (because we're spending a lot of time just waiting for the text to unfold).
You want to tell a story, and we want to hear it, but we also want to play your game.
I honestly think that without the timing we'd be able to enjoy both the game and the story.
And it's saving you a lot of work.
Win-win situation here.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to play your next game if it's only half as fun as this one !!!

The Magic Pot

Thank you for the answer !
And take as much time as you need with your game.
I think many players would agree with me on this, but I'd rather play a good game released 3 months late than a half-baked game released on time.
If you're happy with it, we'll enjoy it :)

See you in may (I hope) or later ^^

(don't hesitate to post some updates from time to time to let people know the project is still on)

Dream Drift Review

I'm....actually a little surprised at how little download there is.
If my review is a cause of this, (mainly because I kinda spoil in my review...) I'd like to amend :

Yes, this game has a few shortcomings (little bugs here and there easy to overlook) and a slight incoherence in the storyline.
(major spoiler about it)
Like in "ocarina of time" we are in the dream of someone else.
Except that in "ocarina of time", the moment we realize that, we focus on getting out of the dream, and stop trying to help what we know are not "real" people.
Here, we're invited to do many side quests to help them...it's just a matter of things tha should have happen BEFORE the revelation.

But even that can be overlooked.

This game is really enjoyable, and for many hours (should being emphasized on a site where many RPGs can be beaten in less than 1h...)
I had no problem replaying some parts to unlock all the endings.

You should really give it a try, people. It's well worth it.

A Crossing in Rielle

The announced completion date has been passed without any news to let us know what's going on...
I'm getting tired of promising games never actually released...hope this won't be one of them :(

This one looked nearly done, with just some adjustements and proofreading to do...what's wrong ?

The Magic Pot

Hi there !
Is it still in project or did you let it drop ?
I hope not, this game sounds promising !
Also the mapping is amazing !!! (can I ask what kind of tileset was used for the outside ? I don't recall seeing it anywhere...)

Corruption of Laetitia Review

I feel the need to try and justify my insistance on the warnings :
it's not a matter of being triggered or not, it's a matter of being clear from the start so people know what they're getting into.
The warning as you put it are just telling us "there's going to be some same-sex relationships here, so if that bothers you (ie : you're a little homophobic), hit the road !"
But that's not it.
We're clearly falling under the non-consensual theme, and no matter the sex of the characters or their love interests, it must be precised.

I really invite you to upgrade your disclaimer.
Sexual theme and non-consensual sexual theme are NOT the same thing AT ALL.
And many players here are quite young...

The House of Gwendolyn

I love the concept (I love me some dark fairytales), but I'm having difficulty with even the first piece of alchemy, as this supposed green bar never appears. Either I am dumb, or something's not kosher with my copy of the game.
I'm not sure how to help. This problem has never come up.
And it comes up again.
I'm having the exact same problem as the-phantom-crow, and thus can't play the game

I've tried to tinker with the compatibility, re-install the game, and many things...nothing works.
If the images of the games are anything to go by, I'd say it might be a matter of fonts.
The text does not appear in gothic at all, and maybe the missing green bar is linked to it.

Anyway, if someone has a solution, or stumbles upon the same problem and has other clues, let us know !

Edit 03/27 : finally managed to have the game working !
I only managed to have the green bar with windows 10 (nothing older would work).

And so ! after days of struggling to finally be able to play this game, I must say that I was...disappointed.
200Mo, and the game is easily beaten in less than 45 minutes (while taking my time to explore and everything).
Is that a demo ?
cause if it's not, maybe you'd like to add a few things to make the players...play.

Since I can't review, I'm listing my grievances here :
- the summary tells us that we're going to have to learn recipes and upgrade our skills (yeah !)
We got to do 4 alchemies, and we can manage with ONE cooking recipe.
- I expected many paths, but basically we have a few Game Over and one and only path leading to the end (that we can't influence at all, no matter what we do we're railroaded to the end)
- the map is an enclosed space, but I don't think we got to use 75% of it. We don't use most of the items and ingredients we found. It's like starting the game and then...it's the end.
- the story was nice and dark and all until...
Gwendolyn turns out to be a nice gal, and basically let us free. We don't have to fight to get out, we don't have to be cunning, to be deceptive...nothing !
She's like "I killed your father, now I'm gonna make you my slave for the rest of your life MWAHAHAH!!!!...oh look ! a good looking guy ! I'm going to set you up with him so you can leave this awful place and live a happy life my sweet pumpkin !"
...is she bipolar, or something ?

were you lacking time to develop the story and just throw a way out quickly ?

I am VERY sorry to be harsh on this game, but that's what happen when I am disapointed...I had great expectations here, and I feel that this game didn't keep his promises at all.
Also, if other people have trouble getting this game to run, they might like to know it's not exactly worth the trouble of tikering for hours with their compatibility settings...

And, I'd like to report a few bugs :
- If you realize that the pump is broken before giving the essence to Gwendolyn, she will be stuck telling you to go fetch water in the cave no matter what you may do, thus we are stuck in the game.
- we can find the nightshade before gwendolyn actually told us where to find it. Not a bug, but that’s kinda ludicrous to ask where is the nightshade when I have some in my inventory !
- when checking your items, if you press enter, the item will disappear. Not a problem with vegatables/cooking items, but it might be more serious with some more important stuff…
- there is a recurring mistake between east and west all along the game. Since we are able to find our way quickly it’s not important, but still…
- cooked meals do not always appear on the table. Sometimes you have to leave the room and come back.
- this is a game claiming to have many routes, so a game people will play many times. Being able to skip the intro could prove useful (unless people are not as dense as I am and get themself a saving file at the start that they’ll use whenever they want to restart from the beginning…)

And that's all folks !

Dream Drift

Really nice game.
I had fun with it, and it's the goal ^^
So I hightly recommend it.

Unfortunately, the latest version didn't work on my pc (don't ask me why) so I had to go with version 0.26. And bear the bugs.
The biggest one was about Moriko and Mathis.
I find Mathis's item, Moriko disappear, later on I find Moriko's item, mathis disappear (and Moriko comes back XD )

But I suppose most of them are gone in the latest version.

I've read that some characters are not playable the first time...I wonder how we can play them then...

And I've found only one end in three (the "okay" end).
I suppose I guess how to have a "bad end", but the third one, I have no idea.

My only bad point would be that we are sometimes way to guided, when sometimes we have to do things only a regular player of rpg (as I am) would think of.
(by the way, love all the references :3 )

Unlike Shayoko, I didn't find this game stressful at all (you're always strong enough to beat your enemies, and you're never caught off-guard), neither that it was "most of the times battles".
In fact you can easily avoid battles if you want to, or if you want to explore you can clear the place of all monsters (they won't repop right away)...
That was one of the thing I've prefered, the visible monsters : you don't have to worry on coming across them every two steps when exploring (Final fantasy, anyone ?)
And in this game, we HAVE to explore.
When you'll play this game, I advise you take pen and paper, and draw maps. It'll come in handy ^^

To conclude : Really nice game, nice gameplay, nice story (even if old stager like me would see through it quickly :p ) and a pleasant game.
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