Dream Drift Review

I'm....actually a little surprised at how little download there is.
If my review is a cause of this, (mainly because I kinda spoil in my review...) I'd like to amend :

Yes, this game has a few shortcomings (little bugs here and there easy to overlook) and a slight incoherence in the storyline.
(major spoiler about it)
Like in "ocarina of time" we are in the dream of someone else.
Except that in "ocarina of time", the moment we realize that, we focus on getting out of the dream, and stop trying to help what we know are not "real" people.
Here, we're invited to do many side quests to help them...it's just a matter of things tha should have happen BEFORE the revelation.

But even that can be overlooked.

This game is really enjoyable, and for many hours (should being emphasized on a site where many RPGs can be beaten in less than 1h...)
I had no problem replaying some parts to unlock all the endings.

You should really give it a try, people. It's well worth it.

Corruption of Laetitia Review

I feel the need to try and justify my insistance on the warnings :
it's not a matter of being triggered or not, it's a matter of being clear from the start so people know what they're getting into.
The warning as you put it are just telling us "there's going to be some same-sex relationships here, so if that bothers you (ie : you're a little homophobic), hit the road !"
But that's not it.
We're clearly falling under the non-consensual theme, and no matter the sex of the characters or their love interests, it must be precised.

I really invite you to upgrade your disclaimer.
Sexual theme and non-consensual sexual theme are NOT the same thing AT ALL.
And many players here are quite young...
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