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Trials of MZ

I dont know I should make game page as if I dont win event, then I wont buy MZ so I would have to remake in RenPy. Currently still at stand still on my untold game. just waiting for my friend in gammak group to help me to make some kind of tilemap system in Renpy. In which we will take a dungeon crawler system that we found and make a scrolling game.

50 Days of Representation

Oh no. My hentai transitions were noticed *sweats*

Very interesting to watch the stream. you made me laugh so hard.

A Pan Girl and That One Friend Review

Oh this review put tears to my eyes. who is sending those onion ninjas! True the presentation could be better, but I was mostly focusing on story. So i left things simple and plus my drawing tablet lags. So maybe in future I will update this and maybe add few more situations. Thanks for reviewing!

A Pan Girl and That One Friend

I'mma subbed!

Thanks so much :D i really appreciate it and do hope it was somewhat enjoyable.

50 Days of Representation

Im sure most are making games for the rainbow, but there are many other situations that people get shunned for. Like as description said, Race, Culture, sexuality, and or Gender like trans. But Mental illnesses are also looked down upon. So someone with Autism will fit for the event.

50 Days of Representation

I want to try this, but I dont know anyone to team up with

A question

Thank you all for the comments. But yea it seems this website doesn't have much traffic then hoping. My friend told me that I should try this website out since a lot usually go viral like Poket Watch and Witches house but they may have done something else to get attention. I am also on Save-point and it seems to 've pretty good. I had one feedback and a couple of comments. Guess I would have to stick it out more and be patient. Maybe I should be happy that no one is complaining since there are those people.


I really like the word play with the title. Its like its saying it is bad to dream or something. The 'erei' part.. is always at the end of a word that is seen as negative.

and cute artwork. really love it


Looks like it was made from pictures out of MMD. It really is an interesting concept. "Miku saving the day!"

The Untold Story: Fighting for A New World

Now I'm done.
The last bugs/gliches:
Suddenly the title screen is seen in the cave entrances.
The monsters in Krumba Cave are totally overpowered. They make 700-1000 damage with normal attacks! I only survived with luck and icy arrows. Iceball is useless against them even they are weak against ice.
And then 2x 4 Beetles in the 2 chests and the reward is only 1 wood.
Fire&Ice Dance is greyed out. (Sophia level 13)

I noticed the caave entrances. I removed the background on the load screen.
I will make sure to add more things to the chests and lower the power!

Overall what did you think of the game so far?
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