I'm Too Lazy to Make a Non-Generic Introduction Title!

For some reason whenever I read introductions the little reading voice in my head makes it sound like a dating profile and it freaks me out, so I'm kinda weirded out writing this. Alrighty, let's begin. Hi, I'm Tsutanai! I was on RRR and it was pretty much all I did all day every day for several years. I didn't even post anything worthwhile either, just nonsense in the cesspool/playground which I'm pretty sure is what I'll end up doing here too, but slightly less stupid I hope. That's all I can really think of writing since I suck at describing myself. I suppose I could describe myself as if I was someone else describing me but that doesn't really work because only I can accurately describe myself since I am the only person that is me and you shouldn't define yourself by how you are viewed by others. Except I can't describe myself so that just made everything I wrote pretty much pointless :/. Well, I just wasted like a minute of your time with pretty much nothing since my introduction doesn't actually introduce myself. Meh, doesn't really matter I guess. I'll just end this off by saying I look forward to seeing your random greetings so I can feel loved :)

What?! Smiley faces don't have pictures?! What is this nonsense?!
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