Dash ._.

So i have done the coding and put key input blah blah blah and noticed that
I dont need to put key input because he just goes faster on his own when I control him. hmmmmm did I do the coding wrong somewhere? I have no idea because i did it exactly the way i saw it and instead of going normal pace and hit button to dash/sprint when I make him walk a map he just goes really fast which i dont mind that its cool i got something advanced like that to work sorta....so if I could have some feed back to make it so i do indeed have to press a button to dash/sprint would be appreciated. ^_^

movment after auto start talk scene

So im making a auto start talky scene and i want to be able to make my char move
after the talk scene whats the code to get it to work? Im using rpg maker 2003. Its very frustrating and im using some references to help out because Im just a beginner at this and its helping me alot. Im able to make my game way cooler because of these references. Thanx for any suggestions!
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