I have been making games since the year 2000, in this time my games have won numerous awards and many of them have been critically acclaimed. I have performed many different roles in game making; from making sprite art, audio editing, beta testing, coding, designing and being a team leader.

These experiences have led me to develop my skills as a videogame developer and it’s an ideal job for me, one that I had always dreamt of ever since I was little. Recently, I have ventured into releasing commercial games including updating my older projects into more commercial and presentable. My first commercially released game is called Save Your Mother.

Despite making games for long, I try and learn a bit something new every time I start new project and love to experiment on new areas and go away from my comfort zones.
Scarred Stars: Traumatic...
Enter amusement park from hell and escape with your sanity - if you can!



Scarred Stars: Traumatic Edition

Very cool game and very cool game page.

Keep up the good work! I'll be keeping an eye. Like the ones in the background.
Is there any way to get this without the "STEAM" version of RPG Maker?

Yes, there's Itch.Io option.


Albeit you don't need the Steam version of RPG Maker, you just need to buy the game on Steam


Scarred Stars: Traumatic Edition

Thank you kindly! If you like this project, please also wishlist it at Steam, since that really helps the game out!

The Blight

Someone has stolen this game and is selling it on Steam without your consent. You need to file DMCA.


Three Treason Theories

A guy is selling this game without your consent on Steam, you need to file a DMCA.


Strangers of the Power

Why would I...? 11. Internet Explorer 11. But I don't use it...

That has nothing to do with it, the problem could be WebGL related browser issue as I said.

Have you updated your drivers?

Strangers of the Power

Failed to download config from cloud.
TypeError: Cannot read property 'resolution' of undefined
at WebGLExtract.canvas (chrome-extension://kmcklefpbipcgojefbeoemppffjeofpm/www/js/libs/pixi.js:29556:40)
at Function.Bitmap.snap (chrome-extension://kmcklefpbipcgojefbeoemppffjeofpm/www/js/rpg_core.js:935:49)
at Function.SceneManager.snap (chrome-extension://kmcklefpbipcgojefbeoemppffjeofpm/www/js/rpg_managers.js:2112:19)
at Function.SceneManager.snapForBackground (chrome-extension://kmcklefpbipcgojefbeoemppffjeofpm/www/js/plugins/YEP_MainMenuManager.js:4600:37)
at Function.SceneManager.snapForBackground (chrome-extension://kmcklefpbipcgojefbeoemppffjeofpm/www/js/plugins/YEP_BattleEngineCore.js:2891:47)
at Scene_Map.terminate (chrome-extension://kmcklefpbipcgojefbeoemppffjeofpm/www/js/plugins/YEP_X_CoreUpdatesOpt.js:7979:18)
at Scene_Map.terminate (chrome-extension://kmcklefpbipcgojefbeoemppffjeofpm/www/js/plugins/YEP_GridFreeDoodads.js:653:34)
at Scene_Map.terminate (chrome-extension://kmcklefpbipcgojefbeoemppffjeofpm/www/js/plugins/KhasGraphics.js:167:10)
at Scene_Map.terminate (chrome-extension://kmcklefpbipcgojefbeoemppffjeofpm/www/js/plugins/MOG_BossHP.js:453:32)
at Scene_Map.terminate (chrome-extension://kmcklefpbipcgojefbeoemppffjeofpm/www/js/plugins/MOG_ComboCounter.js:261:32)
That's for the second game, and this...

WinHttpCrackUrl: Die URL verwendet kein bekanntes Protokoll. (0x2ee6)

For the first. Translated into English, it says: The URL uses an unknown protocol. I'm pretty sure the graphics driver won't help there, but who knows...

It sounds like you have issues drawing the canvas, it makes me think it's either browser issue or driver issue.

Update your drivers. What version of Internet Explorer do you have?

Strangers of the Power

I finally got around to buying the game (and the DLC and sequel) and THIS is what happens. I picked different characters, and after the first textbox (which I can't even see, there's only the sound and a black screen) this comes up. Can you help me?

Edit: Oh, and in the sequel, it happens right after I press "New Game"! =(

Can you go into your game's folder and paste contents of "log.txt"?

Have you tried updating your graphics driver?

Strangers of the Power

=P wouldn't have minded that much if those 150 showed up earlier, but THIS is just plain unfair...

Actually, 150 entries is not 150 users. Many users did multiple actions that gave them multiple entries. You were able to do many of those tasks especially the daily one to increase your entry numbers.

Strangers of the Power

26 out of 246. In a single day, there had to be 150 new ones. Lemme guess, the answer would've been here already?

Yes, I mailed all the winners already.

Strangers of the Power

Well, I have 8 out of 63 now, so I'm likely screwed. Not that I'm surprised, I rarely have luck with stuff like this.

I added new way to get more tickets, you can retweet for more entries.
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