I have been making games since the year 2000, in this time my games have won numerous awards and many of them have been critically acclaimed. I have performed many different roles in game making; from making sprite art, audio editing, beta testing, coding, designing and being a team leader.

These experiences have led me to develop my skills as a videogame developer and it’s an ideal job for me, one that I had always dreamt of ever since I was little. Recently, I have ventured into releasing commercial games including updating my older projects into more commercial and presentable. My first commercially released game is called Save Your Mother.

Despite making games for long, I try and learn a bit something new every time I start new project and love to experiment on new areas and go away from my comfort zones.
Scarred Stars: Traumatic...
Enter amusement park from hell and escape with your sanity - if you can!



Strangers of the Power

I finally got around to buying the game (and the DLC and sequel) and THIS is what happens. I picked different characters, and after the first textbox (which I can't even see, there's only the sound and a black screen) this comes up. Can you help me?

Edit: Oh, and in the sequel, it happens right after I press "New Game"! =(

Can you go into your game's folder and paste contents of "log.txt"?

Have you tried updating your graphics driver?


Downscaled to fit RPG maker net resolution.


Downscaled to fit RPG maker net resolution.


Downscaled to fit RPG maker net resolution.


Downscaled to fit RPG maker net resolution.


Downscaled to fit RPG maker net resolution.


Downscaled to fit RPG maker net resolution.

1000th issue of Action Comics has arrived, it's a tribute to Superman!

Doctor results are finally in, I am healthy all around with absolute no health problems of any sort!! I feel so happy right now!!!

Were you concerned about something in particular, or was this just you doing a full physical checkup for the first time?

Yes, I was concerned. There's high blood pressure and other heart related issues in my family, so I am in risk group. I also belong into Diabetes risk group, so I'm glad I've got neither the heart issues or the diabetes.

How to make a demo

is pretty stupid. There is no saving grace here. Talking about AAA studios and big business isn't going to divert attention from the gobs of bad advice here directed towards us amateur game makers.

I'm just disappointed I posted here and will have to continue to see notices on this because it's quite obvious Tuomo has no intention of backing down.

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