I have been making games since the year 2000, in this time my games have won numerous awards and many of them have been critically acclaimed. I have performed many different roles in game making; from making sprite art, audio editing, beta testing, coding, designing and being a team leader.

These experiences have led me to develop my skills as a videogame developer and it’s an ideal job for me, one that I had always dreamt of ever since I was little. Recently, I have ventured into releasing commercial games including updating my older projects into more commercial and presentable. My first commercially released game is called Save Your Mother.

Despite making games for long, I try and learn a bit something new every time I start new project and love to experiment on new areas and go away from my comfort zones.
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Would you be interested in publisher services?

Hey, guys, I didn't know where I should post this, so I just posted it here. I have been thinking about this for quite some time and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in this publishing sorta idea I've had in my mind.

Why give you anything, I can just self publish on Steam!

Technically, this is true. But have you looked at Steam's store recently? It's flooded to the point that it's becoming harder and harder to get even small recognition. All your hard work that you've done, can go entirely missed by majority of people. You will also be competing with other RPG Maker games and major AAA releases. You will literally be fighting for table scraps in already limited niche market.

Okay, but why should I care about you?

I have established store presence and followers. I will start to introduce store bundles and deals that will increase your sales alrerady based on the fact that people already own some games I've released. We will both get more sales and benefit from free synergy between stores.

I will also help you with your store page and help setting things up with you, I will also help market your games.

How do I know my games get visibility when working with you

My first game Save Your Mother has been bought in over 63 countries, which is almost every single country Steam sells to. When sold in bundles together without even doing anything, you'll be shown to all the people who bought any of my games and to those who are looking to buy my games. When I market my games, people will also see your games in the bundles. It's a synergy where everyone involved wins.

What if I've already self published my game but I am interested in working with you?

Steam offers way of changing ownership of packages to their devs exactly for situations like these.

What if I choose you as publisher and later on, want to be my own publisher?

Same as before, Steam offers way of changing ownership of packages. I will simply make you the owner of said package, just the same as you would make me the owner. To avoid flip flopping between owners and publishers and make it confusing to keep track of, no publishing deals can be changed before six months has been due. Changes to said deals by either me or you, would require a notification of month prior to it, to allow all paper work and book keeping to be made accurate.

What about Steam Direct fee?

I will pay the Steam Direct fee.

What about other sites, such as GOG, Humblebundle, etc?

I will look to expand my services to these too in the future.

Why do this?

Us little guys have to stick together if we want to survive in the market, this is meant to benefit everyone involved

IN summary TL;DR

  • I will try your game and test that it will start and work on Steam, so the customers will have functional game. I won't be a beta tester, though so I most likely won't play through your game. I won't have the time to be QA person, but if this really takes off I can hire someone to be one.
  • Many people have had questions about stuff like Steam achievements and such, I can help setting those up for your game.
  • I can do some price valueing in helping determine a good pricing for your product to maximize potential customer base.
  • I will advertise your game through all my social channels and will do paid advertisements as well if you wish (though we have to negotiate a price for that and I think dynamic advertisement is more effective)
  • As mentioned, I will advertise your games through bundling it with my own games and taking part in sales events that you may not be eglible otherwise, such as Anime Weekends.

Net Neutrality FCC Vote

Comcast just announced they will maintain neutrality for their customers.

If this is true, kudos to them. They might elevate themselves out of being a generally detested provider.

We're already seeing individual states and companies take a stand against this, which is pretty gratifying.

Didn't Comcast limit Netflix's traffic earlier so that they could charge more money from Netflix when Netflix was losing customers due to everyone using Comcast not able to use Netflix?

Though I admit in retrospect all the "We only support Isis" are somewhat humorous.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

I'm working on Early Access for my newest, biggest game. It's massive, giant game wit


Holy Crap, why are some Games so HUGE??

hmm, i see... well if 200-400 MB is really that common i guess i wasnt that aware, at least the converting MP3 to OGG music files should make a dent.

as for you Tuomo_L, i am astounded that your project has breached a gig, i think this is the first time i have seen that with an RPG maker project, that has to be some sort of record.
My game is massive.
Out of curiosity, how many hours of gameplay is it?

Bare minimum 8 hours missing all side content.

Not counting grinding.

What are your long-term plans as a game developer?

Make enough money to be able to move into 3D development.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

My freeware Christmas game for a contest

Holy Crap, why are some Games so HUGE??

hmm, i see... well if 200-400 MB is really that common i guess i wasnt that aware, at least the converting MP3 to OGG music files should make a dent.

as for you Tuomo_L, i am astounded that your project has breached a gig, i think this is the first time i have seen that with an RPG maker project, that has to be some sort of record.

My game is massive.

Does anyone Remember RpgRpgRevolution? (Remembering RRR)

A lot of makers for years have been stumbling to put all three together, with varying degrees of success. So often you get games like Hero’s Realm, Phantom Legacy or The Way, traditional rpgs, made in rpgmaker that are well rounded but are often incredibly short experiences.

I agree with you wholeheartedly, but two of the games you mentioned here are actually quite long!

I do believe his mapping got better. I didn't realize he was still making games, to be honest. Got a link?


Holy Crap, why are some Games so HUGE??

I hear some game downloads come with an episode of Friends

Tekken 7 is 61 GB.

bruh whut
I'm guessing 1/2 of that is DLC costumes? :v

I don't own the DLC costumes.

Holy Crap, why are some Games so HUGE??

My biggest game so far is over 1,4GB. That doesn't include all the graphics for the game so I expect the filesize to climb to 1,5-2 GB at full release, depending on how complex the emotion busts become. This is very small in size for a videogame nowadays though, Tekken 7 is 61 GB.
Friendo, you might wanna consider compressing some of your audio assets. Since you're not even accounting for graphics, I'm guessing the majority of that filesize is uncompressed sound files.

The Steam version of Soma Spirits was about 220MB, and about 90% of that was audio files. If you've got tons of uncompressed songs that are all several minutes you might really want to consider slimming down. No RM game should be more than 400-500 MB tops, even ones made in MV.

No, it's not just audio. IMG folder takes 588 MB alone even now, while missing majority of busts and expansive cutscene graphics at HD resolution.

I don't know where you bring 500 MB tops at, Strangers of Power is over 400 MB (653 with Trancevania DLC) and it's a fraction of what the Adventures game is in size, length and content.