I have been making games since the year 2000, in this time my games have won numerous awards and many of them have been critically acclaimed. I have performed many different roles in game making; from making sprite art, audio editing, beta testing, coding, designing and being a team leader.

These experiences have led me to develop my skills as a videogame developer and it’s an ideal job for me, one that I had always dreamt of ever since I was little. Recently, I have ventured into releasing commercial games including updating my older projects into more commercial and presentable. My first commercially released game is called Save Your Mother.

Despite making games for long, I try and learn a bit something new every time I start new project and love to experiment on new areas and go away from my comfort zones.
Scarred Stars: Traumatic...
Enter amusement park from hell and escape with your sanity - if you can!



Does anyone Remember RpgRpgRevolution? (Remembering RRR)

I remember someone at GamingW saying that they were going to buy new Final Fantasy game but didn't buy it because they instead wanted to play the new Dooms when it was released on same day.

Seems like RPG Maker.net has Youtube address set wrong

RMN predates channels

Damnit, you made me feel old.

Seems like RPG Maker.net has Youtube address set wrong

It redirects to "user" instead of "channel"

Does anyone Remember RpgRpgRevolution? (Remembering RRR)

The thing that confused me the most about MISTERBIGT is that he used the program for many, many years and produced a great number of games but somehow his mapping never improved at all.

It did. You probably just haven't played the newer games.

Holy Crap, why are some Games so HUGE??

My biggest game so far is over 1,4GB. That doesn't include all the graphics for the game so I expect the filesize to climb to 1,5-2 GB at full release, depending on how complex the emotion busts become. This is very small in size for a videogame nowadays though, Tekken 7 is 61 GB.


Vegeta has no chance.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Adventures of Dragon is finally getting close to release, I made a new trailer to celebrate this fact

Strangers of the Power

Well, I have 8 out of 63 now, so I'm likely screwed. Not that I'm surprised, I rarely have luck with stuff like this.

I added new way to get more tickets, you can retweet for more entries.

Strangers of the Power

Hi, Gleam limits the number of winners I can do on basic plan so I'm giving out 1 key to 10 winners.

My game has been sold and bought in nearly every country in the world now

That's fantastic news to hear. To think that you started off working on some of the most craziest shit going to now going commercial and having your games sold all over the world now. Who could have honestly seen that coming many years ago? Way to go, man.

Honestly, had someone told me 10 years ago that a guy in Kazakhstan would actually, legimately someday purchase a game that I've made, I would have laughed with tears in my eyes.

But here we are today.

I will still be making crazy stuff, because I have relatively low risk still, I have no publishers or investors so something like Adventures of Dragon that would be considered by many to be a Wildcard can be released by me as indie.