I have been making games since the year 2000, in this time my games have won numerous awards and many of them have been critically acclaimed. I have performed many different roles in game making; from making sprite art, audio editing, beta testing, coding, designing and being a team leader.

These experiences have led me to develop my skills as a videogame developer and it’s an ideal job for me, one that I had always dreamt of ever since I was little. Recently, I have ventured into releasing commercial games including updating my older projects into more commercial and presentable. My first commercially released game is called Save Your Mother.

Despite making games for long, I try and learn a bit something new every time I start new project and love to experiment on new areas and go away from my comfort zones.
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Screenshot Survival 20XX

@Tuomo_L Jessie looks an awful lot like Injection fairy lilly.

Pure coincidence, I've never played in my life any other cards games than Magic the Gathering.

That name honestly sounded like it'd be in some adults only themed game.

Commercial games and creativity

People often tell me I should try making money out of my games. My answer always is: I would never do that. And the reason is: I feel that from the moment I decide to make a game meant to be SOLD instead of freely distributed, it would affect my decision making in ways that would make the game less daring, more conservative, less creative, and overall of a lesser quality. Of course I tend to worry about what will people think of my game, but I never had to worry whether people would buy my game, or HOW MANY people would buy it.

People usually tell me I'm wrong, that one thing is not related to the other. But today I came acrosse the following scientific paper that seems to support my idea:

"individuals given rewards seem to work harder and produce more activity, but the activity is of a lower quality, contains more errors, and is more stereotyped and less creative than the work of comparable nonrewarded subjects working on the same problems". [LINK TO PAPER]


It all depends on what market you're trying to tap. If it's people who like Polymorphous perversity and Dungeoneer, I don't think you should even care about Conservatives and such. You will have your own fanbase and you should cater to that and not care about naysayers who aren't even your customers.

You don't have to censor your games for Steam, not even Polymorphous perversity. Steam has literal anal sex shown in a commercial game that's being sold. The graphic buttsex is even in the screenshots of said game. Steam doesn't care as long as you don't make a game that's political (Donald Trump shooter) or outright racist or such.

If you are not sure about reaching out your potential market, my company can help you with monetization of your games if you're interested. By the way, I was fan of Dungeoneer and did a let's play of that years ago.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

@Nerdboy: Nice effects but I think the wave in the text may be a bit too much, is there a way to reduce that effect? It may make the text really hard to read.

Getting close to Kickstarter/Greenlight, it'll happen probably today or such. In meantime, have at thee Gameplay trailer I whipped up.

HI, what rpg maker games are your favorites?

I’m still a bit sore that you decided not to continue the Dooms series, but maybe one day you might consider bringing it back, or at least updating it with a new fresh coat of paint.

It was actually supposed to be a secret but I may as well tell it; I have actually plans of doing something that. The remake would combine Dooms 2-3 with the "select your story" style play in most likely Unity point and click gameplay that I think would better suit the psychological horror and the narrative. It'll also make the timeline a bit more clear which always was issue since the games were practically spread between two games and the events happened between 40+ years. I also will most likely add more stuff that I originally left out, such as this story about a cannibal guy and how he had murdered and consumed his wives. It also had a really roundabout revenge by one of the wives sisters but that's all I'll say. That scene was in the original demo of Dooms 2 but wasn't in the full game.

I did try and continue the story, I remember making a short demo of Dooms 5 but it wasn't that well received and I kinda pulled the plug on that project because people at GamingW hated it so much. I honestly lacked the tools and the budget to pull off what I really wanted with that one at the time and it really worsened the project. I don't think even the hardcore Dooms fans liked that game, I know I never was really happy about it and it was in development hell from day one. My biggest problem was that it was really hard to outdo Dooms 4. Then I just got into other projects that got their own new following and forgot about Dooms 5.

We'll see how it'll be received and if I continue the story or where I leave the ending point, if it will include something from 4th. No deadlines or anything though, I have other projects before that.

HI, what rpg maker games are your favorites?

author=2014 list
Dooms 4


Was it the penguins?

Does Anyone Remember GamingW? (Remembering Gamingw)

I recall very many years ago after sharing a game that I had made at SaltW, someone asked why I even bothered posting a game since the forums were basically dead, no one there would play my game and I should instead just post all my stuff here at RMN.

The community was nice in GamingW when it was GamingW, one guy even made an animated edit of my avatar with multiple frames, just out of kindness of their heart and never wanted anything in return.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Here's a room from the main hero's castle, a sorta storage room. The bottom left is empty because playing a tune on piano makes a secret staircase appear that leads to treasure room.

Copyright laws

The characters i want use is this:

The first is based in Mario, but i already changed it, i wanna know if i can use? It is transformed in rpgmaker2k character.

And the second one is Super Twins, but i will change the monkey colors and dress.

But i want the power of change to other animals and water to ice and other powers.

What is an rip off?

And the RTP characters from rpg maker i can use?

They are both fine. Call him Fabio or something such and it'll be even safer to use. If the name is completely out there or a twist on the original and he's parody of Mario, that'll put you in the clear. Sometimes using wordplays or changing names helps a lot too. The clearer it's a work of parody, the better and more safer for you. I'd probably change the powerups a bit though, they are a bit too like the originals and the powerups themselves are copyrighted imagery too. I don't know why some people said he looks like Mario, he looks more like Luigi than anything.

Parody has to be very clear it's a parody say, I make a Batman parody who's called "Hatman" who has "Hat signal", lives in "Hat Cave" and goes around dressed as a Hat, because he has a phobia of hats and wants everyone to be scared of hats. That's totally okay and fair use.

Parody can be made for proffit, if it's under fair use, it also constitues monetization. Otherwise, none of the parody movies or such could ever have been sold. This is also why porn movies always claim themselves to be "porn parody" to make it more a-okay and give the stars silly pornish names, like turning "Agent Smith" to "Agent Smut."

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Screenshot Survival 20XX

So uhmm.. I'm pretty new here so sorry if this is the wrong place for this but here's one of the maps I've been working on. It's still incomplete(the other ones are incomplete too) but I desperately need feedback or criticism or whatever. It for some reason, looks messy and bland I think... Need advice T___T..

It's a really nice start but the house's (garage?) doors is just one texture with no variation, maybe you could add decorations to live it up a bit? Also some flowers and such on the grass could help.

I don't know the setting so I can't give ideas for the decorations but if it's garage, the pavement should probably go up all the way to the doors because the grass would die with people driving on it.

Here's ideas how to liven up the doors