I'm 36 years old from minnesota.
I started back in 2001 with Rm2k and moved to 2k3, but never moved on after that.
I never really made much, but small mostly unfinished projects.

But I bought 2k3, VX Ace, and MV on Steam so we'll see if I get back into it.

I play the ocarina and also do parkour and freerunning.

I've also been into creating electronic music with Ableton Live. I've taken a few classes at a local music school and have been having a lot of fun with it.

I also like to compete on American Ninja Warrior when they let me.
2 Player Block Puzzle
A co-op 2 player block pushing puzzle game!



2 Player Block Puzzle

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you were able to enjoy it! I'll put in a few notes in your hide tag.

It's a fun little game, needs some work, but I enjoyed it for what it was ;)


- The title screen needs some work, try a gradient from grey to black inside the letters, keep the font, but center both lines in the middle of the screen.
Yeah, this was a rush job in iDraw. I definitely miscounted the pixels.
- The intro map needs more stuff, it looks empty. Consider making the name choices in a new map, possibly all black using invisible text boxes in the middle of the screen.
- I like how you can name the heroes or let the game do it for you.
- The intro dialog is still too fast!Yeah, just needs more play testing to figure out the best speed I guess.
- In the explanation of player 2 controls you say "key---action", I found myself wondering what key was "key" since it was used for "action", until I understood it was the reference for the below keys. Maybe a rename like "Key---action performed"?If it fits in the window I'll probably update it.
- I didn't like some of the music choices, the title music was fine, the intro seemed rather epic and I feel it diverges from the actual game, the puzzle music is too stressful for a puzzle game, the boss music makes sense, the credits music was well picked.The selections were rushed as I was running out of time before the deadline when I chose the music.
- I don't see the need for the menu options: Skills, Equipment and Status.Yeah, I originally planned on including more, but these things were cut due to time. But yeah, they are not needed.
- The graphics need some more detail to make them interesting, right now they serve their purpose but look bland, you can try to mix different kinds of rocks and obstacles, instead of using rocks all the time you can use holes in the floor or short (1 tile high) walls.I really wanted 1 tile high walls, but what I really wanted was a non-RTP chipset. I also had wanted to make a custom gate graphic that was only 1 tile high as well. I agree that this could be a lot better.
- Great use of RTP weapons with player 2! Using a bow as a "bo" was ingenious!Thanks! I wasn't sure if people would like that or not.
- I cant fight the slime on the second puzzle with the player 2, I can't touch it.It's funny because when testing initially puzzle 2 used to be the one that worked and the others didn't. I'll have to revisit it.
- The first version of the game had really unbalanced battles, but this new version has much better balance, although I don't think battles are even needed here, maybe touching the slimes would make the character move back to the starting position? Or maybe you should remove them?Yeah, I don't know. Battle aren't necessary but I thought it might provide an extra dimension to the game. Moving back to the start could work, but might be more annoying than battles...
- Sometimes I press shift but the rock doesn't move.I'm not sure how to fix this. I think it might be because I'm using common events that call other common events. I'd have to restructure the whole control scheme to local events probably. Or maybe just use a different engine...
- In puzzle 2 I moved player 2 upstairs and then the controls for player 1 weren't working right, like pressing up made him move left or down, some error in the events? This doesn't happen on the 3rd and 4th puzzles.I have no idea what causes this. Interesting that it only happen on puzzle 2. I'll have to check it out.
- I passed all puzzles at first try, but I'm used to puzzle games and like how in most puzzles you have to pay attention not to screw yourself, I appreciate that since I know how hard it is to come up with puzzles!
- when pulling the south-right lever on the 3rd puzzle with player 1 the lever moves before I choose to pull it, to fix this choose the option that makes the lever graphics not move, that way it will only move when pulled.An oversight...
- After fighting a battle with player 2 in the 3rd puzzle, player 1 graphics change to player 2 for a split second before changing to normal, maybe you can fix this with some eventing, making the end of the battle change the tint of the screen to black instantly while you change the graphics and then changing the tint to normal?This only happens on the 3rd puzzle? I'll have to compare what I did there to the other ones. I spent a ton of time messing with this to try to prevent that from happening, but sometimes worse things happened with the other methods I tried. I can probably fix it though.
- Why do you get several "Reset" and "P2 Mode" items instead of one of each?To save time while debugging basically. They should be removed, but it's a hassle to remove them and then add them back when I need to test individual levels with a time crunch so I didn't bother removing them.
- I like how we have to position player 1 in some puzzles to see where we go with player 2.
- The concept of a 2 player puzzle is great! However, RPG Maker 2003 may not be the best choice to do this, the key customization isn't that great in this program. Kudos for the great idea though!Thanks! Yes, I agree that Rm2k3 isn't the best choice for this project, but I wanted to give it a shot anyway.
- The first time I played this I used the number keys above the alphabet letters, because I'm not used to using the numbers on the right side of the keyboard, yeah, I'm weird like that :P and it took some getting used to but worked, on my second playthrough I used the keys on the right side and it's much easier to move player 2, even if it's really annoying when player 1 moves down...I was very disappointed to learn that the numpad keys were double mapped in the engine and there is no way to change that. I also made the period key move player 2 down. It's a little awkward, but once you get used to it, at least player 1 doesn't move down too.
One solution would be to assign a key to change character and only move one at a time, this would also solve the graphic change after battles. Unfortunately, that would also remove the simultaneous 2 player feature that I was going for.
- Everytime I enter a puzzle room I have enough time to move or open the menu before the characters start speaking with each other, I think I shouldn't be allowed to do that, if you change that event priority to "automatic" (or whatever it's named on the new version) you may fix that.I thought about it, but I decided that it didn't hurt the story if they talked after taking a few steps to look around or if they just started talking right away. But, maybe I will try Auto-start? I never use that and I had forgotten what the point of it was actually.
- The dialog in the boss room intro is too fast, you should let the player skip the dialog like normal here, in the game intro and everywhere, I think (except when they're falling).I could probably slow it down. I'd just have to also delay the boss waking up and time them to match as well. It would just take some more testing.
- I really like the boss concept, it's like something from a Zelda game.
- The available space the player has to move around before entering the boss arena is too limited to draw the attention of the boss, so it can take a long time to actually enter the boss arena, you could redraw the map, making the passable areas smaller may help too.I thought about redrawing the map after I had made it, but by then time was an issue...
I'm glad you liked the idea though! Part of the movement pattern is that the boss moves randomly for the most part but every so often steps towards player 1. Without this feature, the boss might wander away from the players for a very very long time. Awareness of this fact, makes it pretty easy to corral the boss, but without knowing it, the boss might seem to just stand there for a while sometimes. Maybe I should somehow let the player know?

- Being able to fight with both characters side by side is a cool detail!
- Sometimes I'm nowhere near the boss and still have to battle it.Originally, player 2 walked slower than player 1. I decided to make them the same speed. Unfortunately, this problem arose when I did that, but only sometimes. I think the events move position faster than the variables update for some reason. I'd have to reconfigure the collision detection to fix it. Might take some work. Or I could make both characters slower? I'm not entirely sure if that would fix it.
- There's a lot of randomness to the boss, sometimes I just have to wait for it to get into position so I can draw his attention to the switch, it's specially hard to draw his attention with player 2.
- The music should change after we beat the boss.I totally meant to do that, but I guess I forgot. Oops.
- You should at least reward the player with a new map at the end.Yeah, I had planned more, but had to cut due to time.
- Both endings are really similar, I have no idead where to use the code, I tried with the player 2 and 1 controls in the intro and in the puzzle rooms but it does nothing, is there a specific spot? It's supposed to be used in the sequel, if there ever is one, ha ha ha.
- There could be more to the story, but that's really not the point of the game to me, so it works.
- The bugs and look of the game is all you need to improve, mainly.

Starship TsukuruNova 20003

This was super fun! I beat it at level 19! Afterwards, I thought, wait a second, wasn't there a cave in the upper-left of the world map? I never went there! So, I loaded my save and checked it out after.

I love the various references to Star Trek and other things you made too! And SPACE everything was really funny. Definitely the most fun game of the contest that I've tried so far!

2 Player Block Puzzle

Yay! I'm glad you got through it! Maybe I should have put in a message that the boss changes targets after each time it is stunned? But you figured it out so maybe it was fine?

You may have also noticed that the boss moves only somewhat randomly and sometimes steps towards player 1. This is to help the boss from wandering too far before the players are free from the barriers. Otherwise, it was possible for the boss to hit a switch on its own and then change targets to player 2 and then wander completely away, which could potentially take a long time to wander back to the player's influence.

The reason why the boss seems to sometimes start a battle with you seems to be due to the variables that track player 2's location not updating fast enough. It's hard to be sure without more testing I guess.

There are 2 endings, but they aren't too different. You can get the other ending if you fail any of the puzzles at some point and use the reset.

Anyway, thanks so much for making the video! It really helped a lot to see how you reacted to everything.

Jack's Magic Beans

I didn't play the church fix version but I played the regular final version and beat it really quick somehow. I don't think I went everywhere since I never left the first town. Let's just say I was able to guess the code on my second try and then basically apparently did everything right by chance and got to the end.

I noticed you can fight the final boss again if you talk to her again.

I noticed during the ending that you reference a variable value, but it calls it
instead of

I might give the other version a go later to see what the other places are.

2 Player Block Puzzle

Sadly, the updated version doesn't fix the issue. If it helps though you can get up the stairs with the female character, but the male character still causes a crash.
Thanks so much for making this video! I really appreciate it! I hadn't had time to have anyone play test it besides myself so it was good to see how people approached the puzzles. And yeah, parallel processes don't run quite as fast as I'd like for the enemy detection and 2nd player movement. I found that you can move pretty fast in Glide mode if you make sure you don't ever press two 2nd player control keys at once. It takes getting used to. Part of the problem I ran into was that some numbers have dual functions. Like 2 on the numpad moving the Hero down. I wish the system allowed letters.

The bug:
I had made some extra events in the next map which didn't end up being used, so I deleted them before submitting. But, I hadn't realized that so many other events actually did have references to them. So when I cleared some of the references I had thought I had got them all. But obviously not...
Now that I've had some time, I did end up deleting all of the references and had time to actually play test it to very that it works.

Also, thanks for showing me the changing formation thing. Definitely hadn't messed with that. I'll remove it in an update.

Also, I found it very interesting to see that you moved both players into their end staircases at once. I wasn't sure what people would do, but it actually isn't required to do that.

I definitely meant to put in some chests with more potions, but ran out of time. And yeah, there is no real reason encounters are needed, except that if you raise a few levels before you get to the boss, you'll have a better time. Of course, even with the boss, encounters are optional if you just don't touch him!

And yes, player 2 hits with a bow. I wanted a bo staff, but the staff graphic is more of a cane, so I thought it would be funny.

I'm uploading a fix. It fixes the event reference bug as well as removes the formation change. It also buffs player 2 to match player 1. I also updated one optional cutscene event on level 3 to make it more likely to trigger since I noticed you didn't trigger it in the video.

Edit: Updated to 1.2:
Ok, here is the fixed version: 2 Player Block Puzzle 1.2

I don't expect you to review it again, but this version fixes the bugs brought up in your video. I made sure to test it multiple times this time around since I'm not worried about a deadline. Levels 5 and 6 were never finished, so the level you got to was right before the final boss.

2 Player Block Puzzle

Edit: This is an updated fixed version. The previous fix still had issues.
Note: Please download this version to avoid the bug: Fixed Version

Her Dreams of Fire

Hey, this is very fun! It gave me goosebumps! It doesn't resonate with me personally, but with stories from my dad and my girlfriend's parent's families. I only got 2 endings so far. The first one people probably get when they don't know any better. And, maybe the good ending? It seemed pretty good to me.

I'll have to find the others later, but great job!

Definitely worth playing!

2 Player Block Puzzle


I think I fixed all the major bugs so far, so now once I finish the ending, I have to see how much of the middle content I can get through.

Tsukuru 9 ~The Golden Week Project~

I subscribed too! Looks interesting!
Thanks! :D

So... ocarina and parkour/freerunning?
That's awesome!

Yeah, ocarina is fun! My profile has a link to my youtube which has ocarina videos if you care to see them. I like to write my own songs for ocarina too!

Bachelors' Deal

This sounds hilarious!
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