The Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

Hey I was wondering if anyone could help me find a very old RM2K Game.

From Memory:

The game involved a class system employing many classes including monks and elementalists and started off using RTP graphics for a demo which then developed into a full complete game where the creator starts to use custom chipsets.

Starts off in a small village where you go on a quest to a cave coming back to the village to find lots of bad guys in a demonic circle who murder a small child. The party then obtains a boat which would have been the end of the demo but the main game continues on. The Boat shipwrecks and the party gets split up with some marooning on an atoll consisting of the RTP boat tiles.

The game had quite an extensive world map with quests to upgrade your characters classes, one involves the monk class in a hidden patch of forest. I also remember the creator including a hidden chest at the start of the game to which the code and location is revealed upon completion of the game with a map of the location (outside a house in the first village next to some bushes).

Thanks for your help
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