I'm an indie videogame developer from Germany and I've been making games for several years now.

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Harpy Lady Lyd
Solve a series of block puzzles to help a harpy find a magical energy source.



It's update time (Battle Towers)

Did you like the battle towers feature? Or do you guys tend to avoid optional Content?

BilouConcept - Aircraft3D

I will release that soon, if you have some ideas you can share.

A speed up Item that doubles your ships speed for a short period of time. And -just for fun- the ability to do stunts (rotate your ship and turn it upside down for example. Maybe enable destroying some obstacles by spinning around).

BilouConcept - Aircraft3D

I played this and scored 1300 pts even though I was playing like a moron. Dang, this game feels really cool! *subbed*

[RMVX ACE] Full Body Graphic for Lemon Man Custom Sprite

Thanks a lot, lavendersiren! I'm quite happy with this one (and even if I wasn't, I'd be too thankful to charge you with any special requests :DD)

[RMVX ACE] Full Body Graphic for Lemon Man Custom Sprite

Hi, friends of Lemon.

Would anyone have fun drawing a full body graphic of this grumpy lil' fruit guy? (raising fist in the air like a superhero) I'm going to use it for my title screen and the main menu of the game. I'd be grateful, as the sprite is taken from a canceled game of mine and I'd like to continue with this one. :)


Is the mini map correct?

Yep, player facing left.


Okay, I tried to play this game, but it didn't work. No key works, neither the arrow keys, nor enter or space bar. It makes no difference whether in full screen or windowed mode. I tried all keys I could think of, but no way to do anything to start up the game.


I thought at first that this game looked way too cool to not have an active download. I really wanted to play it! :( Then I saw that you have to manually click on Downloads first to see the download. So maybe you want to include the default download button at this gamepage, as it would be a pity if people miss the game thinking there's no download option at all.

I'll play the game tonight and give feedback if you like. :)


Wow, this looks neat. Gonna give this one a try for sure.

Harpy Lady Lyd Review

ps: maybe you need to change the font color in the reply box for this game page... i hardly can see what i typed since the color is too similar with the background color

Yep, that's right. Made some fixes and should be better now. CSS'ing gamepages on RMN is a huge mess everytime.