How often have you been in the cinema this year? What movie did you last see? Do you also use movies as inspiration for your own games?


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Extremely rarely; there's only occasionally a film I want to see in the theater, and even fewer times I actually get around to it. :/

I think the last film I saw was Annihilation, which I adored.

It depends on the game, but I like to draw inspo from a lot of different narrative and visual arts. The game I'm currently working on takes a fair amount from the old Hammer Dracula movies. :D
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Like Sooz, I am rarely in the theater, but that's only because Netflix and Amazon have proven alternatives way easier on my budget. I also loved Annihilation. My favourite films released this year were the incredibly befuddling The Endless, the taut and near-perfectly paced political thriller Widows, the austere and heart-wrenching First Reformed, the anxiety-inspecting slice-of-teen coming-of-internet-age Eighth Grade, and Black Panther, Sorry to Bother You and A Quiet Place. All great films of 2018.

I will use movies and all types of media as inspiration for the moment to moment actions in my games. I oftentimes want cutscenes to feel "cinematic" so I will implement pauses and rushing swells in music where necessary. But I do feel like I need to remember this is a game and not a movie, and thus there are many things effective in one medium and not the other. Games thrive on interactivity with the player, and usually utilizing that form and its freedom that it offer is one of the aspects of games that movies can't provide.

Although Black Mirror: Bandersnatch seems keen on trying, right, guys?
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I didn't go to the theater this year. Next year, though, I plan on Alita: Battle Angel. Someone suggested Cats to me, but why would I see that when I already know that the 25th Anniversary Edition I've got sitting on my shelf is better? It's not butchered for runtime and my favorite songs aren't edited out. Unless something really wows me, I'm not really planning on anything else. Maybe Wonder Woman 2, but it's going to take a lot to convince me that a sequel is worth seeing in the theater, especially a sequel to a movie that managed to go so far above and beyond.
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I haven't gone to the cinema as many times as I would have liked this year. All I really remember watching are Marvel films tbh lmao

Saw Bumblebee last night, which was honestly quite brilliant. Can't go wrong with 80's vibes.

In terms of inspiration, I almost always look outside of other video games for that kind of thing - so yeah, films inspire me a bit too.

Although Black Mirror: Bandersnatch seems keen on trying, right, guys?

Gosh I really need to watch/experience this. The episode was even filmed in the area that I just moved to!
I go to the cinema as often as I can. This month alone I've seen Robin Hood (so bad it's awesome), Mortal Engines (okay I guess), A Star is Born (Lady Gaga is left-handed) and Aquaman (So much happening!)

It helps that I live less than 500m from the local theater.

These moves rarely inspire too much though. I mean one in a hundred might inspire something (Hotel Artemis made me want to run a tabletop campaign inspired by it, but I saw that in July or something)
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The last three movies I saw in the cinema were Star Wars 7, Rogue One, and Star Wars 8. But the last movie I saw at home was The Godfather yesterday. And before that, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs two days ago. And before that, both It's A Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story on Christmas. So, I watch a lot of movies at home.

I would have to make games for movies to inspire my games. Oof.
I have been about... a half dozen times or so? The last movie I went to was the new Grinch movie, last Friday. It was cute! The kids really enjoyed it.
Two times as far as I remember and I have a film school.

The first movie was Han Solo. I enjoyed it. It was a solid action movie with some forced Star Wars references. I think it would be quite popular if it dropped the franchise.

The other was Climax, an absolutely fantastic and captivating film about dance, crowd behaviour and perhaps even revolution.

Edit: Three times, I forgot Avengers.

Edit 2: Four times. Utøya, 22. Juli was another one. I think they handled the theme very well. The whole film was thrilling and it didn't mention or glorify the killer. Still, Elephant was better film on the topic of mass shootings.

Edit 3; I forgot I went to cinema in Kyiv. I saw Hotel Artemis there. It was an underdelivering action film. I think the premise and the cast we're good. The script and especially the direction sucked.
Annihilation is prob my movie of the year. I saw a bunch of super hero movies because my old job offered free private screenings to them occasionally. Saw Incredibles 2, Black Panther... and I think that's it? Also Isle of Dogs was pretty good. Saw Halloween, was pretty meh. Won't You Be My Neighbor? was pretty heartwarming.

Want to see Mandy at some point, but I think during the year there are just moments where I don't feel like going/paying for the theater.

It's hard to say if any movie inspired me, I think it'd be very specific ones I can't remember right now that gives me ideas.
Only twice. I saw Solo and Aquaman.

I thought they were both pretty good, though I wouldn't say they influenced my writing much.
I've seen quite a lot of movies this year. Don’t know if I can still list them all so I'll list those I can still think of and give them a rating of between one and five stars. For example, Aquaman (★★★★★) was definitely the best movie I've seen this year. The worst movie was Cold War (☆☆☆☆☆). I saw Mortal Engines (★★★☆☆) which was quite well done, but I have a slightly different idea of a dystopian future. I saw Robin Hood (★★★★☆) while being in the sneak preview and it was one of the most valid movies I've ever seen there. What else? Venom (★★★★☆), Fantastic Beasts 2 (★★★☆☆), Deadpool 2 (★★★☆☆), Red Sparrow (★★☆☆☆), Mission Impossible – Fallout (★★★★★), The Equalizer 2 (★★★★☆), Rampage (★★★☆☆), The Commuter (★★★☆☆) and many more. Unfortunately, I missed Pacific Rim 2. I'll have to catch up with that someday.
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Unfortunately, I missed Pacific Rim 2. I'll have to catch up with that someday.

I watched Pacific Rim 2 on the plane.

Waste of time. On a plane.
Hmmm…the last movie that I went to go see in the theaters was Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation with a couple of friends - which was a pretty decent movie that I enjoyed watching - but a part of me feels that if the ending was done a lot differently, where Ethan managed to fail to stop the bomb in time, resulting in the deaths of countless people and all of his old comrades and his ex-wife, that it would have been a lot more effective, memorable, and would have been the perfect setup for (possibly?) the final film in the franchise for a while. But, whatever I guess. What they ended up ultimately going with was still alright in my books and was probably the right call in the end, since the rest of the supporting cast in it were quite good and were quite likeable to watch. Either way, that was pretty much it for me for last year. Most of the other movies that I was waiting to see that came out that year I just waited until they eventually popped up on demand to rent so I could watch it at my home at my leisure.

It’s not that I still don’t enjoy going to the actual theatres to watch a movie anymore, it’s just…with how expensive it is to go and buy things like snacks and such and pay for the actual movie ticker nowadays, it can be quite expensive, and I don’t mind waiting a little bit longer to see the movie for much cheaper at home when it happens to eventually come out. Yeah, if it’s a big time movie that I definitely am dying to go see on the big screen – sure - I’ll shelf out the bucks for the movie and go see it on day 1, but it has to be the perfect type of movie that I wanna go see. Otherwise, I’ll just wait.

As for inspiration for game development or story ideas by watching movies? Nah…usually not. I rather get my ideas from either odd moments of inspiration, that happen to just come to me, or by just going to bed and dreaming and remember whatever I can from those said dreams and turning it into something. I find that a lot more effective for me, personally. Plus, I get a little nervous about possibly taking some ideas away from familiar, more recognizable content if I just simply get my resources from just films. I mean…you gotta try and think a little bit more original once and a while, right?
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