Hi there, I'm Tw0Face. I'm an indie developer from Germany and I've been making games with RPG Maker for several years now. I don't care too much about fancy graphics and I like to keep it simple instead. However, I attach great importance to the gameplay part and that you have a fun time playing my games. I'm interested in game design in general and I love making games that have a strong strategic aspect. I don't do RPGs, but anything else! I offer you classic 2D games like shooters, puzzles, simulations and any other strategy-related games. Maybe someday I'll even do a jump and run or something else that nobody would expect. Feel free to follow my page. My games are for free. Still, it would be awesome if you send me a little donation in case you like my stuff. Have a nice time and keep it up, folks!

Port Traventor
Plagued by orcs and dwarves, Traventor needs a true king to rise to the occasion! Would it be that you are such a king?


[RMVX ACE] Tetris Battle (Convert VX -> VX Ace)

I found a script by Tomoaki using Wayback machine, which is kind of a Tetris Battle on RPG Maker. This is so awesome! Unfortunately it's for VX only. Would anyone have fun helping me convert it for VX Ace?

There's a Demo Project (VX only). It is attached below.
Download puzzle2.rar


[RMVX ACE] Weather: Default storm looks a lot like rain

Hey. :)

Is there a way to change the default storm effect to look less like rain but more like... real storm/wind?

Any help is appreciated.


[RMVX ACE] I want to show stat parameters in shop

Hi, guys.

I never noticed that the RPG Maker doesn't have this basic feature.

I want the increase of stat parameters due to weapon, armor or helmet, etc. to be visible in the shop scene. Players should know what they buy.

Example: I have a weapon listed in the shop, which gives +5 ATK and -5 DEF.

What I want the shop to display:
ATK +5
DEF -5

What the shop displays by default:

Does anyone want to help me with this?

I'm currently using SELL-ONLY SHOP SCRIPT v1.0 by Enelvon and Seiryuki btw.

Thanks in advance.

[RMVX ACE] Need some help finding a battler

Hi, guys.

I'm pretty sure that Enterbrain intended the witch from RTP to match her battler. But that's not the case. Hair color, clothes, hat and generally appearance don't blend at all. Maybe there's a Battler matching this Bust which I haven't found yet? Or someone can help me recoloring the Battler to blend more with her face bust?

[RMVX ACE] Jets Mouse System - Many issues...

Hi, guys. I have some issues with Jets Mouse System.

1. I can set ALLOW_MOUSE_MOVEMENT = false, but the player sprite will move anyway as long as I just click often enough. Can this be changed?

2. I can set USE_WHEEL_DETECTION = true. According to the description, I should be able to scroll through Choice Options then (at least I think that's what "selectable windows" means), but I cannot. It seems that the mouse wheel still has no function.

3. If I have a Yes-No-Choice I don't even have to click directly on "Yes" to confirm the selection. I'm able to choose "Yes" even though my mouse cursor is in the upper right corner of the screen. As long as the "Yes" option is just hovered, the mouse cursor can be anywhere and it still works. Can this be changed?

Jets Mouse System (.txt-file)

[RMVX ACE] Make Skill Menu look like Item Menu

Hi, ppl.

Is there a way to make the Skill Window in the Main Menu look like the Item Menu? Also, when neither Skills nor Magic is selected, I want to display a help text for these points as well. For example, when I hover on Magic, I want to add text to the help window to explain Magic.

I don't need faces, HP, MP, bars or anything like this. Just what you see on the sketch.

Can someone help me out with this? Seems kinda simple but I can't find anything like this.

[RMVX ACE] Victory Spoils Script Request

Ok, guys. I'm looking for a Victory Spoils Script which displays EXP and Loot after each battle automatically.

I found some scripts on the internet which do that but they either don't fit my needs or they force me to use their whole battle system or core engine which I don't want. That's why I'm looking for an independent script.

Maybe someone can spare some time and write it for me? I'd make sure to name you in the credits.

Here's the layout and what I want to display. Thanks in advantage. :)

[RMVX ACE] Please help me proofread my Tutorial

I've designed a playable tutorial for my project and I'm now looking for people to proofread the text. The tutorial is pretty much the most important part in the game to get a feeling for what awaits you. I want it to be grammatically correct and sound natural. It should sound motivating and make the player want to play. I'm aware that maybe a lot will have to be changed. I'm okay with that.

The game is a medieval citybuilder. The king has just arrived at the beach with his ship. He's welcomed by a resident soldier. That's when the tutorial starts. It's a step by step tutorial, so that's why the text is divided into several sections.

Greetings, my lord. I hope you had a pleasant journey. The capital has awaited your arrival. Since the orcs and dwarves have conquered large parts of the land, it has become increasingly difficult for us to maintain the reputation of the capital. Our economic power has fallen dramatically. We currently can't produce resources and food. Ah, I see that you have a few resources with you? We should urgently set up a Farmhouse to provide food for our people.

Move the cursor using the arrow keys. Confirm a selection with SPACE. Press ESC to open the main menu, where you can view your resources and save your game.

In the course of the game, you'll build an ever growing settlement. Every worker of your tribe will do their part to produce more resources - Vegetables, Lumber, Ore and more - to further this growth. Do you see the empty plot of land in front of you? A Farmhouse can be built there. Hitting SPACE on an empty plot of land will bring up a screen giving you more information on what resources are needed to create a building there. To build some facilities, however, you'll need a certain amount of Reputation as well. Our Reputation is currently 500. That will do it. Go on and build a Farmhouse.

Congratulations. Have you noticed that your Reputation has increased by 300 points due to the construction of the Farmhouse? You now own a Farmhouse, but this alone does nothing. You first have to train Farmers to start producing Food. This is only possible if you have villagers. Walk east and see if people at the gates ask to enter the capital.

In front of the gates of the capital, 5 people ask for permission as they want to settle in the city. Let them in? (Yes/No)

You now have 5 villagers. They are an important resource because you can train them to become Farmers, Mineworkers, Stonemasons or Blacksmiths. Once trained for a specific task, they can't change their job. Decide wisely. Check every day to see if new people are waiting in front of the capital's gates to enter. Now return to the Farmhouse and turn these 5 villagers into 5 Farmers.

Excellent. You have trained 5 Farmers. As you can see, training Villagers to become workers also consumes Food. That said, Food is the most important resource in the game. You can't train Villagers without having Food. Now we want to find fields where the Farmers can harvest Food. Watch out for fields that have produced ripe crops.

Very good. We now have a basic stock of Food. As you can see, each Farmer can harvest 1x Food per day. After doing so, they're are exhausted and have to rest. You may train more Farmers to increase your daily production.

Another important resource is Lumber. Lumber is required to build almost every building. Currently we don't own a Sawmill. Therefore we cannot train any Lumberjacks yet. We also need Lumber to build a Sawmill. Bad situation, hm? Since we don't have any Lumber, we have to steal some. See that orc settlement back there? We have to attack them and steal their supplies.

Very good. Now we have enough Lumber to build a Sawmill. Once we have trained Lumberjacks then, we can produce our own wood. Now you know the basics of the game. I'll leave you to play on your own from now on. Build up our economy and save the country.

The text isn't that long. I always try to keep it short. I would be happy if someone helps me with proofreading. I would include you in the credits under "Writing".

Thanks a lot. :)

- Tw0Face

[RMVX ACE] Lost in Space Simulator

Hi. I just wanted to ask what happened to my game LISS. It was listed on RMN for at least 8 months and today, when I woke up, I got the message that it was removed without any explanations.
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