I'm an indie videogame developer from Germany and I've been making games for several years now.

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Harpy Lady Lyd
Solve a series of block puzzles to help a harpy find a magical energy source.


[RMVX ACE] Full Body Graphic for Lemon Man Custom Sprite

Hi, friends of Lemon.

Would anyone have fun drawing a full body graphic of this grumpy lil' fruit guy? (raising fist in the air like a superhero) I'm going to use it for my title screen and the main menu of the game. I'd be grateful, as the sprite is taken from a canceled game of mine and I'd like to continue with this one. :)

[RMVX ACE] Blurry face (bust edit help needed)

Anyone want to help me replace the face of the bust with the face below?

I'm trying, however the face immediately becomes one hell of a blurry cluster whenever I try to scale it to the correct size. :(

Maybe someone has a better graphics program than me and can give me a hand?

Bust with wrong face:

Desired face for the bust graphic:

[RMVX ACE] Chapter Selection System

I'm looking for a chapter selection system that allows me to simply select individual chapters of the game and then teleport to a specific map. Each individual chapter should be an image. You can hover from chapter to chapter using left/right keys and start a chapter using enter or space. It would be best if the individual chapters were tied to a switch, so that the chapters are locked when the switch is not ON. In this case, a small icon (for example, a lock) should be displayed in the image, which shows the player that this capter isn't yet unlocked. It should be possible to enter the save menu with Escape while the scene is active. Can someone help me with this? I haven't found anything like this that would've fit my game so far. :)


[RMVX ACE] My Succubui girls need to clean their stuff up! [Looking for Edit]

Hello, dear friends. :)

For my game Succubus Shop, which I'm currently developing, I'm still looking for two Behavior Sprites, which don't exist in the RTP. I want my two Succubi to clean up their store after a long day at work. They should tidy up stuff that has been left behind. This is a part of minigame in my current shopkeeper game.

Let me specify it. I want both of these two girls...

... to do what she does:

The Succubi girls are part of Monster2 (RTP) and the other girl is from Behavior4 (RTP).

I hope someone is able to help me out and give me a hand with these two edits. I'd be very grateful and definitely mention you in the credits of my game. :)



[RMVX ACE] Tetris Battle (Convert VX -> VX Ace)

I found a script by Tomoaki using Wayback machine, which is kind of a Tetris Battle on RPG Maker. This is so awesome! Unfortunately it's for VX only. Would anyone have fun helping me convert it for VX Ace?

There's a Demo Project (VX only). It is attached below.
Download puzzle2.rar


[RMVX ACE] Weather: Default storm looks a lot like rain

Hey. :)

Is there a way to change the default storm effect to look less like rain but more like... real storm/wind?

Any help is appreciated.


[RMVX ACE] I want to show stat parameters in shop

Hi, guys.

I never noticed that the RPG Maker doesn't have this basic feature.

I want the increase of stat parameters due to weapon, armor or helmet, etc. to be visible in the shop scene. Players should know what they buy.

Example: I have a weapon listed in the shop, which gives +5 ATK and -5 DEF.

What I want the shop to display:
ATK +5
DEF -5

What the shop displays by default:

Does anyone want to help me with this?

I'm currently using SELL-ONLY SHOP SCRIPT v1.0 by Enelvon and Seiryuki btw.

Thanks in advance.

[RMVX ACE] Need some help finding a battler

Hi, guys.

I'm pretty sure that Enterbrain intended the witch from RTP to match her battler. But that's not the case. Hair color, clothes, hat and generally appearance don't blend at all. Maybe there's a Battler matching this Bust which I haven't found yet? Or someone can help me recoloring the Battler to blend more with her face bust?

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