obviously not gilles


Feral Moon

A dead project? :'( ?
Not dead. Far from it, in fact :) Just a lot of work going on in the background!


The open collar + jewel don't help either.
Actually, that is not a jewel, but rather a bolo with a flame emblem on it.
And I pretty much copied her shirt design from her original concept art, so it's about the same thing. But I see where you're coming from.


You could probably fix the masculinity with some eyelashes or boobs :o

Well, this is her as a young girl. Like, age 9 or something.
So, obviously she doesn't have boobs yet. But I suppose I could add some eyelashes.


The same person that did this image, right? You need to pay this person.

Yup, she's helping out with some official cutscene art now! :D
Expect more from her in the future! Although I may not post all of them on here
due to some of them being full of spoilers..


Weird, Creepy, and Disturbing.


It looks like a white cave exit on the end side of the deadend in the cave.
But thank you!

I don't know if I'm some sort of idiot or what,
but I still can't find it v-v;
And as for the party members looking at a certain tile,
I have yet to see them turn their head at all.
not in any of the maps.

Here, watch this LP of Relic. It'll help.


To find the book, go to the potato fields, and continue north.
Keep going north until you find a cave. Just follow through the cave and the paths that follow, and you'll come across the dead end where the book is buried.

As for the white exit, I'm not sure what you mean. But there are levers around Rosen Forest that create the bridge that lead to Django's Cavern.


OK i redownloaded and can play now, but cant read text or things like when i check a drawer.

Hmm.... I don't know what to tell you.
I included the font in the game folder, so there's no reason why it shouldn't work.

You could try actually downloading the font into your computer. It's cslled Segeo UI


Finllay downloaded it... but I can't play.

After the first cut scene ends ("the hangover one") there is no character sprite...
I can access the menu and remove the members and such, but i can't see their sprites...
The party screen tells me that I have two members, Scatt (or was it something else) and the bird...

EDIT: Seems as I'm not the first one to see this bug... is there any quick fix or will I have to download the entire game again...

PS: @Twidge: You can break the file in two parts or as Marrend said, upload it to RMN or you can upload to Dropbox

I have uploaded the fixed version yesterday, and it should be approved and ready to download sometime soon, it's not up to me.