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my list of games to play for youtube

A dark and grotesque tale of horror in which luck can mean your salvation or your demise.
The Room
A short horror game based on the theme of Occult and Satanism.
Blood Ties
An exploratory RPG style horror game.
Nightmare of The Snow 雪の...
From a cold ritual, a freezing curse was born... ~寒い転生から、氷結呪いが誕生~
Ciel Nocturne
Despite having a sharp pain in my head all I could think about was.. who am I?
Your name is Maria Evangeline Algundy, and you are a psychologist. You travel through a surreal world, uncovering the history of a new client… and your own self.
A dark RPG maker experience.
No Place Like Home
Explore the mistery behind the inundation of the town of Mussara
A short rpg horror made for the 2014 Indie Game Contest. Solve puzzles and a mystery!
Darkest Dreams
Can you withstand the worst nightmare and uncover it's secrets?
An indie horror game made by RPG Maker XP
Soul Sunder
A character-driven survival RPG
A short horror/puzzle game.
Mica: Apoptosis
A horror game about delusions, blissful ignorance, and the depraved acts that humans do in the name of love.
Let not light see my black and deep desires...
Castle Oblivion: Remake
Have you ever made a mistake you regretted so much that you wish it possible to turn back time?
Living Playground: The W...
A game about friendship, kindness, cruelty, and geese.