Liberta Open-World RPG (Cancelled - New Liberta is replacing it)

It looks like you can work with your new tilesets 10 times better than RTP tilesets.


cool it looks better!


Big, hot things that burn down buildings and hurt people.

Last night at 2:00 my apartment building building caught on fire a the top right corner. Luckily, everyone got out. Plus absolutely none of my stuff was damaged. It was still kinda freaky though in your car looking at enourmous flames...

Has anybody else on RMN had to do with a fire before? (Other than watching...)

Multiplayer Fighting Minigame - In Development.JPG

You might want to keep using the lttp link for the second player.Only with a different color.

1001 ways to get in trouble.

Aw,c'mon Craze haven't you ever been in trouble before? I once chucked my friend's shoes on the roof.I got one week of detention.

1001 ways to get in trouble.

Hey people,post ways to get in trouble at school or anywhere here.
Yeah this is moronic,I was bored.

Anyway here's one:At school take out a BIG bottle of pop and shake it very, very hard.Open it up fast and point it at someone. You'll get in trouble for sure. ;D

Lost Universe

Looks neat, I'll try it when I get home.

Jalar Saga: Origins

You can make your own graphics for RM2K3 too, plus if you take a look at most finished RM2K3 games, they're pretty good.(I said most)