Possible Story Ideas for Possible Upcoming Games...possibly.

Hallo to all. I've been pondering, thinking, and stumping over some story ideas. I want to do a Lysander86 move and make an RPG out of a classic fantasy story (The Book of Three). Here's some idea's I've been pondering. Let me know what you think.

If anybody rips these ideas off, I'll see to it that I add a comment to your game with a link to this post. ;)

-An RPG/Adventure game out of 'The Odyssey'. Obviously, the story would be changed around a bit to shorten it & make it more appropriate for an RPG.

-An RPG out of the classic King Arthur legend. Perhaps I'd make stuff up, because the life of Arthur isn't very action packed when he's old and a King, but it's very nice while he's young, sexy, and adventurous.

-Or should I just make up some other story? If you think I did good story-wise in my game 'That Fine Line', please be sure to tell me, as I'm starving for feedback.

So if anybody thinks that these are FANTASTIC ideas, or that they'd NEVER work in an RPG, please tell me.

Thanx. ;D
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