How'd you decide on a game title?

My main game is called Fragments. Yes it is a simple title but it leaves the potential player curious about the meaning and for the game it has many.... Fragments are the main characters race. They collect fragments of the memories of their past selves. The game is actually a story about the fragmentation of souls since in the belief system on the game, a soul is fragmented into good and evil parts which become angels or demons after death and those who are fragmented in a special way become the left over souls called Fragments (These would be the Ghosts.) The game has fragments of different interpretations of the afterlife within it. Our game basically serves as a bridge between some of the current beliefs about what happens after death.

Another game that I participate in is called Esher's Quest. Well that is simple enough. Ahaha. A man named Esher goes on an epic quest. (:

Yet another game is titled Valiance, but I do not know enough about the game to make a connection to the title yet. I only do very light concept art for the game.

Bleach: Looking For was named after a song in the Bleach series as well as a manga and anime. It is a fangame that I support write for.

Seeking character artist for VN project...! (paid)

I'd be interested. Most of my projects only have me as a writer primarily so that leaves me open to do more artworks. I can make a style to fit depending on what you need. I am more experienced with coloring than drawing but have been hired for both before. I can do some environment work but I am not as skilled there as I am in character concepts. Well here are a few samples of my work.

Magic Particles 2D/3D: Special effects for games

Fantastic. Well I'm going to show this to the leader developing the commercial game of ours and see if its something he can purchase for use. Thank you for posting.

Post your Music

Well I may as well promote my favorite band.... This is Sehnsucht, a German/Japanese metal/rock band that's just forming. I got my hands on some early production clips for their first song 'Revelation'. This music was produced by MetalRenard with Kurui writing the melody and harmony and singing on the vocals. Then Kurui fell ill and hasn't been able to make the finalized recordings for the real mix but we all hope and expect her to recover soon and get the first EP (Titled Sentient Anomaly) out which is hot already!

Kurui is the lyrics writer with Jei-chan on translations. The EP will feature two more singers. Jei-chan herself and a male named Jhett (Who also goes by the name of Xarcand.).

I've been informed that the music tracks will be produced by varying musicians, but that MetalRenard will be helping produce the EP and making the final mixes. The song Revelation is going to be put into a 3D MMORPG in development known as Project Kyril. (:

These clips were posted with permission.

The full instrumental can be heard here.

You can visit MetalRenard's Soundcloud:

Lyrics that will be in the final version below.

Revelation Lyrics
(English - Japanese)

A note from Kurui: This song is forever and eternally dedicated to Kageroza-kun. From the moment we first met, a Revelation of life and of love.

In the birth of a single moment
isshun no tanjou de

The “essence of time” is stamped on our foreheads
jikanki wa gaku ni kokuin sareteiru

Etching us into the charade of forever
eien no gensou ni warera o ho ru


It was only then, at the second we first met
That the “weight of impermanence” became a glowering figure.
warera no deatta shunkan dake ni
hieizokusei no omo ga nirandeiru zukei ni naru

Because I didn’t have this hand to hold onto
I was living idly, I was dying
kono te o nigirarenai no de
muda ni sundeita, shindeita
muda ni

The “essence of time” is stamped on our foreheads
Etching us into the charade of forever
jikanki wa gaku ni kokuin sareteiru
eien no gensou ni warera o ho ru

When the sand has run dry in the hour glass
Will we tilt it over or let ourselves perish?
If we choose the latter
Pierce me with a final goodbye
sunadokei no jikan ga fusoku shita toki ni
saikidou suru ka, shi o kyoka suru ka?
kousha o sentaku shita baai
wakare de watashi o ugatsu

Let an unwavering awareness (of each other) glaze our departure
otagai no yuruginai ishiki ga shuppatsu o teigishite mimashou

The voice of reality is something we abide by
Our pasts unchained, we anticipated our future
genjitsu no koe o shitagau
kako no kusari ga nai de mirai o yosoku

We imploringly ask for tomorrow‘s arrival,
Now knowing that yesterday will die upon nightfall.
ashita no touchaku ni kougan suru
kinou wa higureji ni shinde shimau
keiji shite

Random Art Topic

I'm loving the art, NewBlack!

I made an art video on my You Tube to show the progression of drawing and coloring Roki. It shows my sketch, line art, and each coloring step. Soon I plan to make actual videos of my drawing under time lapse but I don't have the screen recorder to do that right now. ):

This video also showcases the singer for Fragments (As well as the vocalist to my favorite band, she is). I adore her voice. (:

Tactics RPGs!

My favorite tactics RPG is Phantom Brave.

Paying for Patience

I think the pace and what is boring or not just depends on the player. My friend loves grinding and mindlessly button mashing battling for hours. She finds it relaxing and fun (This includes the long summon cut scenes, being able to win a battle in one turn, and everything.). Another friend has to have tons of new difficult challenges and puzzles every step of the way to keep him entertained and only sprinkled with fighting sequences that have new strategies at every boss. What the both of them require is an engaging storyline (No matter the pace, as long as it is entertaining.) and characters that are both believable and a joy to play as.

what scares you the most?

I have a fear of rejection and a fear of failure or being a disappointment. I also have a fear of abandonment. Well and I also fear physical altercations of any kind.... I hate fighting. Ahaha.

Our Game's Idea/Plot

As of right now we're experimenting in the Multimedia Fusion 2 engine. We were contacted by a C++ programmer who make take it a different direction though. We're mainly focused on making our design document and graphics library for now and then finding an engine that can put it all together.

Random Art Topic

I love that creature with the flaming sword! (: The rest are phenomenal too.
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