Our Game's Idea/Plot

I decided to make this thread to get some feedback on our game idea and plot. Keep in mind that this is our first game and that I have not played many games in my lifetime. Well we simply have a story that wants to be told and were creating it into a game. I will start off by giving the basic ideas for the game and plot with some descriptions on things that have become more "fleshed."

Our game is called Fragments. We wanted a short title that could mean multiple things relating to our game story.

1) Fragments are the main hero race of the game.
2) These people collect "fragments" of their former selves during the game.
3) Plot spoiler:
The heroes have actually been fragmented into separate beings.

4) The game contains fragments of different theories about death and the afterlife.

Our game's hook-line is "Death is not the end." This is probably the line that I am most proud of. Well it gives you a sense of wondering on what the game is about without spoiling anything specific, leaving some things open for interpretation. Think of it as a quote seen on the game box, may be on the back cover.

Now onto the general backstory.

Game Back Plot

In the world between, a soul's elements of purity and darkness are divided and sent to the eternal resting places by a natural process. The goodness flows into the heavens, becoming the beings one call Angels. The evil portions are cast into the pit where they become the beings widely known as Demons. These Angels and Demons maintain the balance and order of the Human world.

However, things are not always so simple. At times the process of splitting souls malfunctions, causing the new being to retain some of the human properties. These individuals become hollow shells of their former selves and reside in the in-between purgatory world. Angels that retain some human properties transform into creatures called Kourin, and Demons who do the same are labeled as Makka.

Consequently, these spirits cause a severe imbalance in the world in-between, and sometimes influence or interrupt a dead soul's splitting process. When a Kourin or Makka interfere in the division, it is called Fragmenting. The result of Fragmenting are dead humans who's memories and soul shards are shattered and spread about Purgatory. These humans are called Fragments, and live in civilizations within the Purgatory. Fragments are sometimes called "ghosts" by those in the Human world, as Fragments can often influence reality in the realm of the living.

If a Fragment has enough determination, he or she can collect the pieces of themselves that are scattered about and earn another chance at live through Reincarnation. However, most Fragments retain no recollection of their former lives and so eke out their existence in the Purgatory for eternity.

In the game Fragments, you will play as a cast of characters who seek their second chance at a life among the living. Though this is the surface plot, sub-plots will develop as the game progresses, throwing the entire cast into an unforgettable journey that transcends life and death.


There are four playable characters in this game. I have written a very short bio for two of them and the others are under the works although I will provide a very rough description, in explaining why the characters' ages are planned this way.


(The concept art is dated and will be changed into better visuals.)


Gender: Male
Age: 20
Height: 166 cm
Weight: 60 kg

Ibara is the main character of Fragments. After his fragmentation he has held onto a grudge against all Kourin and Makka, making it his point of living to slay those who interrupt the dividing process. Unlike most others of his kind, Ibara has very strong flashbacks of his former life which drives him to seek a second chance via reincarnation. His soul resonates to his missing pieces so that he can find them easily. In personality, Ibara can be quite rude and standoffish towards others. He also possesses a terrible temper and can be moody. However, he has a strong sense of justice and a will to protect others from harm, making him a good ally. Because he is easily provoked, Ibara sometimes rushes into dangerous situations without considering the consequences. He also believes that hard work earns a living. He is quite demanding of others and even more demanding of himself. Ibara never stays in one place for too long, preferring to keep on the move at all times. This makes him perfect for a daring adventure.

(Game sprite not available.)


Gender: Female
Age: 13
Height: 144 cm
Weight: 37 kg

Don't let her cute appearance fool you! Min has a sharp attitude that is twice the size of her small, lithe body. Being short and agile has its perks: Min is a self-trained thief and pickpocket. She knows how to fib her way out of trouble and uses her childlike charm to avoid danger though she is capable of defending herself in battle. While she often gives into her selfish, demanding ways, Min's true self is just a lost girl in need of a few friends. However, not even Ibara will trust her as far as he can throw her.

Here are the rough outlines for the remaining characters and some of the explanation behind the ages. A portion of the explanation is a plot spoiler so I will mark it for those who do not want to be spoiled.

The ages are present for a reason, but to say why the characters will be of such varying ages would spoil one of the secrets in the game. The remaining two characters are slightly older (27 and 36). Another reason for the semi-broad age range is that we wanted our characters to be diverse in maturity level. The age of the soul and the age of the person who has died is not equal to each other, but rather the Fragment in the Purgatory is the reflection of who the person once was as a living human(So the age they appear best reflects the personality of the soul itself regardless of the age of death). As an example, Min can be viewed as a "brat" teenager girl who always wants to get her way, so she naturally chose the appearance of a petite young female with bright, starry eyes. Ibara is one of those types who doesn't seem to have a place in the world, but is determined to find one, which is typical of a young adult who has just now spurted from his teenaged years. Suzu will be a mothering woman who is concerned about aging, so we put her at age 36 which is a suitable age for bearing children and where some women pine for their earlier years because that are nearing the middle age 40 mark. Lastly, Notarou will be 27, where most men are transitioning between their years of immaturity and that of adult responsibility. He will be a flirtatious type, but have the wisdom and mental capacity of a genius. Think mildly 'post-university' boy with a somewhat rough edge to him and a taste for fine dining and older women.

And here is an end game plot spoiler.

During part of a dungeon, Ibara and Notarou are separated from Min and Suzu by the enemy. The player will alternate between the parties to make it through the final area.

During the last stretch of the dungeon, you will not hear from Ibara or Notarou at all and you can only assume something has happened to them. The enemy has a location called Reactor where certain Fragments who possess the abilities to transform into Makka and Kourin are held. The prisoners are held in containers of fluids and subtances that break down the physical and spiritual components and turn them into a more concentrated form of power that can be used by the enemy. When this happens, a Fragment actually dies death over....They cease to exist.

Ibara and Notarou are the Fragments of a single person who has inherited the Makka and Kourin transfiguration abilities. Min and Suzu are also one person, but due to their Fragmenting process, are flawed and seen as disposable rather than as of use. Well you reach the final door and enter and a cut scene appears. And Min runs in, out of breath and Suzu follows behind her. They stop in because the room is so dark. Then we see a button flash on and the place lights up and you'll see these tube containers with the Fragment souls in them. Min spots Ibara in one of the chambers and Suzu and Min run forward to meet him. Notarou is also with him, but unresponsive due to a struggle, which Ibara explains.

While Suzu searches for a way to release Ibara and Notarou, Ibara has a final conversation with Min, who doesn't yet understand the weight of the entire situationm but their souls have already started breaking down. And with Min on one side of the glass and Ibara on the other, they share a bit of powerful scene with Min making a speech and a song playing that will be called 'Min's Tears.' Though Suzu returns with no news of how they can be set free, the two suddenly Resonate enough to bond their spirits together and a series of flashbacks begin as sprite animations and pictures.

Depending on the events you followed, the lives they remember will be different. Min and Suzu as a human and Ibara and Notarou as a human both knew each other in the Human world while they were alive. They were both in their mid to late forties(the sum of each ages as we will change the age of Min slightly). They will have different standings on how they were related depending on the events a player takes. All endings have them dying at the same time in the same way or accident. But now we will put all the puzzle pieces together to show you the life they once had. After this, Ibara and Notarou will actually die leaving a devastated Min and Suzu, but this is what makes them go to the final bosses.

The last boss you will face is with Min and Suzu alone, but with new powers because of the spiritual bonding between them and Ibara and Notarou. At the end of the game, Suzu and Min are reincarnated and the ending scenes and credits are scenes of them in their new life, with flashbacks of their memories as a Fragment, which were retained after their Reincarnation. This ending sequence is very different as well depending on the ending you received.

Here is a brief description of the enemies of the game.

KOURIN are angel-like beings that are the result of an Angel retaining some human properties as a result of a malfunction in the dividing process. They despise the Makka and are at a constant war with them, although they share some of the same ideals in wanting to create Fragments. Kourin want to fill the Purgatory world with Fragments in order to start a new Earth that is under their direct control. These beings are one of the causes of Soul Fragmentation. Kourin work under a single faction (and are supposedly part of a single mind), and those who oppose and are of Kourin race are dealt with in harsh punishment or even death.

MAKKA are the counterparts to Kourin in that they are demons who retained human properties. They are typically violent in nature and prefer to work in smaller groups called Legions, as opposed to Kourin who work as a single body altogether. The purpose for their Fragmenting souls is completely based on survival, as the energy and power they receive in the process keeps them alive. They're not outside of eating the remainders of Fragments left over, though, if they are unstable enough. Makka can sometimes crave more power than what they need to sustain themselves.

>> In the game, each of the four characters will be able to transform themselves by some means (under planning) into Kourin or Makka forms with enhanced capabilities.

Both Kourin and Makka are considered dangerous beings who severely upset the balance between the worlds. Fragments, although a result of these, sometimes have the ability to 'PURGE' Kourin and Makka, splitting the human parts from them and sending them to the correct locations. It is unknown why or how Kourin and Makka came into being (why the malfunction took place) or what determines if a Fragment can purge them. More details on these and other systems will be available soon as we plan and knock out the rough edges.

I would love to hear some comments about our game's ideas. And just for a small teaser.... I will show what our game will look like somewhat.

Now I know some of the sharpness is off but this was a test sketch for our game's "story book" feel. It won't be isometric as someone was lead to believe, but well the game's environments will be like pre-renders. If you can understand. I think it works well with the plot of the game.

Well hello.

Hello, I'm Ugaki a game writer and a support artist for some games (I am very new at art though.... ). I am working on a few projects that I was hired for as either writer, artist, or both. My main game project is a commercial RPG called Fragments that I co lead with it's founder. I'm barely starting game making, but it has been a fun experience and I hope to grow and develop my skills and have everyone play the games that I contribute to. Well its nice to meet everyone.
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