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A period RPG set during a time similar to the "Age of Sail."



Story of Innocence

Dang, I'm getting a game crash upon jumping off the gangplank and entering the ghost ship for the first time. The screen goes black and the ship interior map doesn't load. Then, a (seemingly) infinite number of pop-up windows appear saying "Not implemented."
This is such a good game (story, stat customization, graphics, I could go on) and I really want to finish the demo!

Yeah, sorry about that; the ghost ship uses a .OGG file, so you need to install a codec pack from here: http://xiph.org/dshow/ to prevent the error. But I'm glad you're enjoying it so far.

Story of Innocence

Yep, that's what it's based on.

The OutCasts 2

Ok, but some of the details have been lost in time. it all happened so very long ago...


Sweet, another lp! Thanks, ghost! Your style of lping is like the complete opposite of Nicob's, regardless, i look forward to more. As for the map error, this is the first time its been brought up. I don't know... It coukd have been fixed in the updated version.


I'm really enjoying this game so far, it's fun to play and has lots of personality :D Although for some reason, Quintessa's faceset bothered me, I don't even know why D: I edited it a little bit, here it is in case you want it. :)

Despite that I really like this game, specifically the dialogue. It really portrays the characters well, I don't know how you pulled off a pirate dialect so well, I mean it's not even corny. Good job!

Thanks a lot, the eye-patch looks infinitely better! And thanks for the compliments on the dialogue. I tried to avoid clich├ęd pirate-speak for the most part.


I found a glitch: when you play through the flashback, if you go to the main menu (not the camp menu), Corsair is still on the screen and I'm walking around as him, and I can't leave the menu.

Also, after the flashback, the next day when the ship is docked, if you go back to Corsair's room with Wes, the scene will replay itself.

Other than that, I just finished chapter one and this game was simply amazing. The story is incredibly interesting and mature, and the characterization was superb. I can't wait till the next chapter.

Ah, it seems I overlooked something; for someone reason I never thought the player would try to access the menu at that time, or go back to Corsair's room after the fact. Anyway, thanks for coming across those errors, and I hope they didn't detract from the overall experience. Once all the lingering bugs are dealt with, I'll upload an updated version. And I'm glad you enjoyed the story so far.


Those damn oggs! Not implemented. Could you at least use mp3. :0

Well, I used OGGs to reduce the file size.

I enter this area and my character doesn't appear? I didn't quite explore the 1st town so I don't know if I was supposed to do something first or if this was out of sequence or whatever but I got a black screen upon entering and it went away when I opened the menu and closed out but my characters were gone.

So far I like the details here so far, the tiles and maps are done well! I saw the whole intro, wasn't bored. It switches up the scenarios, starts off with something interesting happening, and has good effort put into it. I'll play more of it later and see how it turns out.

That's weird, Ocean; the event the prevents that from happening is called during the intro, so there's no way you could've missed it. Can you check variable 342 and let me know if it was set to "3"? Anyway, I'm glad the intro didn't bore you; that was something I was worried about.

Hiyo, I thought I would post this linky here too:


This is a pretty simple codec package that you could install on Windows, it will allow RPG Maker to play OGG files without crashing with a billion error boxes. :P

It's just an OGG codec; it isn't a whole codec pack.

Thanks, Kat! That's definitely better than installing a bunch of codecs. I'll update my blog with your link.

Ultima I'm going to write a review for this. Like, I needed a game like this badly. I don't think you understand how much I wanted to see a game like this yet. I want to tell you what I like about this game but not in just like a post, I'll do a review. There are some small gameplay gripes here and there but like I said,

Thank You.

Ha, ha, thanks, I'm glad you liked it. I'm looking forward to seeing how I should improve the gameplay.

I'm playing this right now, having fun. Great atmosphere and the scenario writing seems entertaining. There are problems with combat skill design and balance, but I didn't beta test this so it's to be expected, heh. Really excellent visual polish. Eat it up, VX users.

Seems like you just volunteered to beta-test chapter two :) But, yeah, I knew the combat would be iffy, but I'm happy you enjoyed the atmosphere and writing.


Sorry, Ghost, check the chapter one blog page for the solution.

Story of Innocence

During the time limit, at the very top of the first part of Nasrat is a tent which houses a snake handler. But, I'm assuming time is up for you, so just choose the snake with the least stripes.

Story of Innocence

Nope, I'm still working on this, but don't expect another release until after Raciela.
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