I may be paranoid, but not an android.
A period RPG set during a time similar to the "Age of Sail."



Project DOAD

Wow, Nessiah, you removed all of your games because you fear the same group of people who judged Skie's game based her portraits will do the same to yours? That's just ridiculous. From what I've read, outside of a few people, everyone else is willing to give Skie's game a chance - even those who hate her art style like WIP! It makes absolutely no sense to do what you just did, I hope you change your mind and restore your games' content. To get back on topic, I'll download this after I finish playing Exit Fate. With my schedule, I can only play one amateur game at a time.

Sore Losers

Is the save from the last demo compatible with this demo?

have you ever lost hope in your project

I wouldn't say I lost hope, so much as lost interest. I sometimes go months without touching rpgmaker (like now).

[Advert] Myth Xaran (Coming winter/spring 2009 quarter)

Looks interesting, but I agree with mellytan, I would like to know more about the characters. It's cool if you want to do more detailed character descriptions in your instruction booklet, but at least a short blurb in your advert wouldn't hurt. Besides, I personally would be less likely to read your instruction booklet, as I don't really do so for console games.

I need a title screen/logo!

Yeah, I have to agree with Fallen-Griever; Kentona's is the best, because it actually has something to do with the game's title. The other two use great background images, but one's too modern, while the other's too gothic.

Sound of an airship?

Screenshot Schmeenshot

Maybe it's just me, but I can't see Craze's screenshot.

Big Deal: Why are there so few game reviews?

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Hey, I wrote a review to Legend of Shenja.

I bet you there is nobody on the site that would have ever reviewed it otherwise.

Ha, because of your review I downloaded and played it - not a bad game. I might write some more reviews myself if I get the time.

Screenshot Schmeenshot

I'd go with the left.

Universal Language - Chapter 1

People should at least give this game a try. At first, I was turned off by the mixed resources scattered everywhere, and subpar mapping. But, I pressed on, and found it's actually a pretty solid game. Only if you value story and character above graphics. But, that's just my opinion. Again, great game, Eike, and I'm looking forward to Chapter 2, and the prequel.