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A period RPG set during a time similar to the "Age of Sail."



My Screenshot is Bigger Than Yours!

Thanks for the positive feedback. I'll post more when I finish.

@Craze: Thanks for pointing that out, I'm gonna remove it.

My Screenshot is Bigger Than Yours!

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Ya ha! And I've finally completed the final town in the regular world! Here's a screenshot before I litter it with events.

Man, that's beautiful, I love everything about it, except the square sand patches.

Something I'm working on:
EDIT: My fault!

Everything except the grass and rocks are custom. Just in case nothing shows up:

Screenshot Shogunate

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Not bad, I like the detail on the map. There are issues with it, though. Like Karsuman said, the colors need work. The problem is the ground and water tiles are too similar to each other, so it's hard to distinguish them from one another. The only thing that separates them is that blue edge you've got. The Star Ocean grass tiles don't fit in well enough either. They're too bright for the rest of the chipset, I would lower the saturation on them a little bit. There's also a slight perspective issue. The vine in the water is growing straight up, but the cliffs have a diagonal slope to them. But anyway, I'm being nitpicky. It's a good map, I like how you have those bats on the ceilings. Little details like that can really make a game stand out.

Edit: Oh another screen. I already pointed out what I needed to say.

I like the ground tiles, so I may change the water tiles. But, it's a dim cave, so I don't want the water to be too bright or dark. I'll take everything else you said into consideration (vines, grass). Also, the bats fly away when you get too close :)

Screenshot Shogunate

I took the screenshot in-game and resized it to 640x480 (my mistake). But, thanks for the comments, it's a WIP, so there's still more work to do. Here's another one (320X240):

Screenshot Shogunate

Look for feedback on this cave I'm working on:

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