Silver Sunflower's EVOLVER System

A little bit of scripting can fix those limitations quite simply. An easy way is to have experience set to a variable held within RGSS so that the point's can go to over a million. It's also good if you want to construct decimals.

Gimme Boss Gimmicks

I like bosses that have very little health that is clearly displayed but you can only deal dammage to it through a certain element but once you hit it with that element it changes it's element so you have to figure out it's weakness again!

Another good one are ones with high evasion an magical resistance so that you can't hit it without boosting your accuracy ten-fold!

Another one is where you have to kill a series of bosses in a particular order. Similar to the aliens on the Ragnarok during the space adventure of FF8!

The best by far though are bosses that have bonds with party members and how they can affect characters. Such as FFX when Yuna wouldn't attack Seymore. Or how the enemy themself may target one allie particular character.

Basically anything that requires strategy to I like!

Corrupt a wish game!

Granted, but you just destroyed the game!

I wish for trance2's wish to be unwished!

(get out of this one)

Ethereal Dreams

As joar said, if the scripts are all your own or you have permission I'd love to see a commercial game come from this! Just make sure to keep an eye out for mapping faults. Otherwise this game is great! Excelent storyline, some of the best graphics ever that put my own abilities to shame (Though your grass autotile just doesn't sit right with me) and the music compliments the whole thing! Overall origional and Top quality!


Damn now you've made me look bad. Your working of shadows stomps on my own abilities. This is great, especially the curve! Minor error though, when your roof moves down a tile so does the whole wall. I'm refering to the little bit near the candles. The very far side sections!

secret meeting building.jpg

Yeah, totally secret!
As Warski said make it so that you need a password or maybe if this is at the start of the game you could make this the point where the player chooses their name via the gaurd asking what your name is and then letting you in!

Ok ummm

Yes it worked! Actually my whole internet working better. Thanks gys/girls!

What are you reading?

I just finished reading the book Mosaic!

I would recomend it to any cult fan out there!

I wont even try blurbing the story because it's just to difficult! Very deep book about political scandal, war, family coruption etc...

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1) I'm using windows explorer v7!

2) How do I do the cookie thing..?

Ok ummm

Alright so I'm logged in! (obviously)

Now how come when I go to check my mail box or submit something it says I'm not logged in and I need to login.

I re-login and it takes me back a page so I try again and it says the same thing.

Mind helping me out here? O_o