I am a jack of all trades.
Currently I have been working on my first full project after several projects to toy with and learn. I also worked with some programming languages to further understand the flow of the scripting.

I love writing, I love reading, I love art, I love music.
If your game has a bad story, I couldn't care if it was good otherwise.

The story is what connects with your being.

I don't mind helping you test out games you've made, just let me know.

I am often on the IRC chat. (Or...Discord...now)
Sandbox Roleplaying Game



Professions and Global Stats?

For me, I like to try to find a way that doesn't feel grindy, though, if you're doing an MMO-style way, that's pretty much the way to do it.

Preferably, I enjoy a system that feels like there are checks or lessons every so often. How you implement that is up to personal style; It would almost be a like a hybrid of your system and another.

For example;

I'm a brand new blacksmith. I practice making basic chains, or if you want something useful, a basic knife for general purposes.

After a while, I master that. (Again, the system of attaining or practicing is up to the dev). Once you master or get really good at that one item, you'd want to start on a next, either through a blacksmith specific quest, a minigame, finding a book; speaking to someone for your next level, getting something, ect.

Grinding, while still semi-realistic with growing skill, sometimes just feels like going through the motions to get better stuff. Add some spice.

What was your introduction to making games?

PS2 RPG Maker. I think it was called...crap.


It looks like it was just called "RPG Maker 2". There's a wiki page for 3, which I never had or even knew existed. Interesting. I was pretty young, I coherently remember listening to Smash Mouth's "Astrolounge" and making random things on it. People had even figured out how to make really long games that were larger than a standard memory card (8mb) and bridge them. It was a surprisingly big community for a console maker, as far as I can remember.

im new here

How I imagine caps lock posts go;

EDIT: RPG Maker has some good starting areas for programming. Mearly learning how loops, variables, ifs and elses work opens up a world of possibilities.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

i use far too many index cards and old envelopes to keep track of shit like this. i make charts more than i make actual games

what weapon did you have too much of?? and how does that happen?

I play EvE Online, and make a ton of spreadsheets. Oddly, it's helped on the development side of things. Organization for the unorganized is the holy grail.

Restore Deleted Game?

Thanks for the responses, will do so :)

A program I have used in the past that as far as I know is free and doesn't have a bunch bloatware with it is Recuva. Pretty decent file recovery, lets you dig around in your hard drive as if nothing were ever deleted.

Though, you say your PC crashed, do you know exactly what went wrong? It might not be a hard drive issue, and at that, you'd just have to plug your hard drive into a new computer or get a enclosure that lets you plug it in via USB and you'd be all set without any additional software.


It would have to do a lot with the amount of assets that are used. Even in a small game, if you are using a lot of assets such as textures and audio files, it adds up pretty quickly as megabytes in this day and age are pretty small.

Did you already tried to compile it with the option of excluding all files that are not used anywhere in your game?

The Inn

While it uses core assets, it looks like work has been put into this and looks well designed. I am curious to see the mechanics and how the story plays out.

Keep it up!


You can exclude files that aren't used in the compile settings.

If you're already doing that, I'm curious to know why you'd need it even smaller. They aren't that big to begin with.

What are you thinking about right now?

The image isn't mine, nor the style i'm going for
I wonder why you posted it at all then.

I downloaded ffv gba version. With infinote money cheat on of course. Let's do this.

Because I was thinking about it. Duh.

What are you thinking about right now?

Learning how to draw my own characters so my RPG maker games looks unique.
Not saying games that don't use custom art assets are bad, but I want to make a style.

The image isn't mine, nor the style i'm going for, but I'm a horrible artist and I'm progressing to "eh, it's better" territory. Hopefully I can translate some of these skills to pixel art.

This feels like too long of a post for this lol
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