I am a jack of all trades.
Currently I have been working on my first full project after several projects to toy with and learn. I also worked with some programming languages to further understand the flow of the scripting.

I love writing, I love reading, I love art, I love music.
If your game has a bad story, I couldn't care if it was good otherwise.

The story is what connects with your being.

I don't mind helping you test out games you've made, just let me know.

I am often on the IRC chat. (Or...Discord...now)
Sandbox Roleplaying Game


Collaborative Story Game

Here how it goes:

Someone will start a story, and then you, in your post being next, continue it. It can be a one liner, it could be several paragraphs.

I imagine if this post gets longer, I can't expect everyone to have read everything, so continuity errors may start, but hey, were here to have fun!

So I'll start it off!

Walking out of the bar, she looked up at the sky, rain falling. She wasn't sure where she was, or how she had ended up outside that particular bar. In fact, a lot of things seemed rather blurry to remember.

She heard her name called.

What kind of Articles/Tutorials are you looking to read?

I would like to start writing some articles/tutorials. As for tutorials, I have no idea what is even needed. (Google pretty much sums that at up at this point.) As far as articles, what would people want to see?

Creative writing discussions?
Character development?
Game theory?
Why kids can see the taste of cinnamon toast crunch?

I will seriously write about anything.


Greetings Everyone

Good morning everyone.

I am new to this community, and less new to RMMV.
I have been in an other community before, but let's be real, this one is better. (Probably)

I am currently working on my first full game. I've worked on a few smaller ones to toy with how the scripting works but after getting a good handle on the software, I am ready to spend the next 5000 hours making something.

I am also more than willing to beta test your games and steal your ideas. (Kidding. Probably.)

Hope to see you out there. Thanks everyone. <3

EDIT: Does anyone have some super glue? I can't seem to get a URL or BB code to stick in the forum avatar section of the account settings.
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