The Penguins of MadaSTATScar

Lol, had no idea this existed even if it was on the frontpage. But, my game's #4 for discussion, yay.

One does not simply ...

...blast a fury.

One does not simply ...

...call forth their Persona.

One does not simply ...

Uh, is that a threat?

...eat a Kit-Kat bar.

One does not simply ...

Also you linked the 'here' to the top of the thread rather than the comment.

I think you are possible RMN Plays played out my dear :)

but in the spirit

...not spin on an office chair

oh and anyone that says "walk into Mordor" after this post will get ridiculed, just saying

...walk into Mordor. *whistles*

okay suckahs give me yo games

Terrified to post this, but why not.

NH97's Arts DUMP

I'd so pay you to do my game art. Too bad I'm broke as fuck.

Otherwise, looks great! I love how you use your colors in your drawings, as well.
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