That looks REALLY good!

Legrand Legacy

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I actually thought that too.

Would it be a bad idea to delete your RMN game profile, and then put up another one, but completely remade once you've finished said game?

Game pages are a bad idea IMO

In general? Why's that?

Would it be a bad idea to delete your RMN game profile, and then put up another one, but completely remade once you've finished said game?

Good ideas here. The only reason I was thinking of doing so is because I released a demo of my game 2 years ago, (though it's had some bad moments) but a LOT of the story and characters have been completely remade, and it'll probably take a while for me to fully implement everything into RPG Maker, considering I'm really busy nowadays and wanted to release the game as a whole rather than demo after demo, then start actually revising and revamping from there based on what people say, if that makes sense.

Tristian: Lady of the Lion


Is there a new kind of CSS tutorial or something around here? Mine kind of keeps breaking.

Thanks. Jeez, had no idea how much you could customize CSS until now.

Free Spirits

Congrats on getting a thousand downloads. I just happened to be the right person at the right time.

CSS'ing your RMN Game Profile

I may need some help.

Each time I copy the basic CSS code above for the background, the code keeps breaking, and telling me, "Oops! Something went wrong, there is a good chance we know about it and are working on it!"

Any solution here? Or does this code only work for available games (ones that aren't deleted?)

Also, a few more questions:
2.Is there any way to change the orange words on the top of the RMN screen where username/mailboxes are? I've seen Efflorescence do it, but I'm not sure how to do so myself.
3. Is there any way to add an image background to the author's posts, rather than simple color? Similar to Homework Salesman's image when the author(s) post.

EDIT: Already found the solution to both problems.
Thanks in advance.

Looking back

Yeah, it did cause a lot of drama, I still feel nervous about people taking a peek at my game and seeing that review. Although I feel like my excuse would be, "That was a year ago, I was a kid". I wasn't really all that well at taking criticism and it felt like an utter insult to all my progress. But who knows where I'd go if I didn't take that criticism in the end xD. Also, yeah, same for my own game. I usually say antagonists, but my friends are more used to villains since they're generally "evil", but I like to make it so that each and every one has a reason for being the way they are, and that it's more understandable and reasonable, like you said; a grey-vs-grey morality. Like, if you were in their It's awesome that way and makes the villains more likable. I'm usually more interested in the antagonists of anime/manga/games like Fullmetal Alchemist or some of the Final Fantasy games, or even Kingdom Hearts, though I'm into more dark-themed games.

Ohh, and I see about the whole TBS thing. That's pretty awesome, usually I'm more into story and characters so I'm not too good at it at the moment, (as in, not enough to be memorable) but I'm still trying hard to be creative haha! Also, don't worry about the time it took to type xD. I did that with my own game's blogs just to show my progress of games and such!