Graceless Reminiscence Review

I'm just being earnest.
Oh please. Get over yourself.

I'm not sure if you're requesting this, but I would be happy enough to alter my review of this demo to Unrated if I saw the other reviewers do the same. : )
And? That doesn't mean you have to go with the same flow as the other reviewers.

why you're bothered by this 2 star.
Game's average score going down by an entire point, no longer having the chance of being on the 'Highly Rated' page... yeah. I think have a reason to be bothered by this review.

Graceless Reminiscence Review

Yeah, that's ridiculous.
This was probably a big mistake asking you to review my game. And here I thought you didn't believe in rating demos because it's unfair to completed games.

Lol. You sure like to deceive.

LP - Graceless Reminisce - Will of Rebellion [Prologue] by roleplayinggamer.tv

May the world know that a GR LP existed... OTL

LP - Graceless Reminisce - Will of Rebellion [Prologue] by roleplayinggamer.tv

It's YouTube. Always been an asshole since Google took over.

Wait, episodic games can be featured, right? So as long as all the episodes are on one game profile.

Yeah, I meant having a game featured on the frontpage of the site. Though I won't make each episode a seperate profile. Seperate downloads, maybe; since if I put them all into one file/application it'll be... well, pretty huge.


still hawt

Iniquity and Vindication

I've gotta say, these battles are extremely well fucking done. I need to learn from this shit.

Keep up the good work.
No, seriously, keep up the good work.