Looking back

I have a few things to say, so this is probably gonna be long. Or short. Doesn't matter. xD

First of all, I'd like to say I really like this blog entry, seeing how far you've come and seeing screenshots of the early development of LoTL. See, I like the medieval fantasy feel of this game, because that's usually the stuff I go for, so I'm bound to like similar games, although mine are more anime/manga-based (ones that actually make sense) as opposed to one that usually applies more to reality. (And usually the chibi sprites of an RPG Maker game are a dead giveaway but I can't sprite if my life depended on it, though I feel like my game has a good use of chibi sprites) One day I played the entire demo for myself after a long time, and I honestly came to realize how bad the characters and story were and how it could have worked out way better if I payed attention to the logic of the whole thing. (It was 1 hour anyways, but it was essentially the buildup of what would be a revenge story.) So I just decided to go for an entire remake of the introduction to make it more logical and fleshed out, and I feel like I could move on with that.

Also I had NO idea you were going for a TBS towards the beginning, I actually would have liked that idea. I especially agree with the 10-year thing, since I usually spend my free time either trying to learn coding (and fail at it) or try to come up with a clever idea for this game of mine. I haven't even applied any real RM progress on it, but I usually just write it down as a storyboard thing, plan the dialogue, then event and map, stuff like that. I like taking my time with things and at the same time I hate it because I take too long when I take my time if I'm stuck on a particular idea.

But anyways, great blog!

Long Gone Days

This game was really nice! I really liked the atmosphere, great choice of music, the adventure throughout and the actual feel that it's like a military. Seems like you know a lot about it, I really look forward to this game!

P.S. I think if you put Blast in Romanji it's Burasto. Are we secretly brothers?

So I just started Pokemon Go today and ended up catching all the Pokemon in my town's area. I don't regret playing this game.

Wow, that's awesome.

It really is amazing because it's way more addicting than you think it would be and you can make a lot of friends from it. Some guy actually walked over just to talk to me about an Evee in the neighborhood lol.

LoTL Demo finally available.

rolls up his sleeves
My fingers are ready.

Happy Birthday to me. Yaaay.

Thank you all!

I just noticed how much I despise instant-death skills in any game.

Whoah. Are you serious? I feel like that's handling instant-death skills/weapons in a very bad manner. He should probably listen and switch it up.

I just noticed how much I despise instant-death skills in any game.

Yeah. Even when a party member has them, I feel like it's still a cheap way to win?

I just noticed how much I despise instant-death skills in any game.

Yeah. Particularly... (putting up spoilers)

I was playing Enelysion just a few minutes ago and was fighting against one of the major bosses, Death On Two Legs with Laine and her two other party members. And each time I use some kind of buffer or defense skill and/or item on either Laine or the other party members or just plain out use a skill that will damage the enemy I get instantly killed with the skill Phobos. I'm about level 25 with most of them and it gets SO frustrating each time because I can't even lay a single finger on the dude without him killing Laine and getting a game over within seconds.


Never played that game, Craze.
I've yet to play the Dragon Quest series, also.

I just noticed how much I despise instant-death skills in any game.

Please no.

How to Get Away with Making a Forty-Hour Game

Don't toss those just yet! They look pretty good so far.