How to Get Away with Making a Forty-Hour Game

This is a good blog for people who don't know how to handle criticism.

I've honestly done this before, the last criticism I've gotten for my game struck me as something that was particularly insulting, so I ended up causing a giant argument. Managed to improve myself for next time when I showed many others the game and got harsh criticism in return. Simply say thank you, because they put some time out of their day to actually pay attention to your game and tell you what's up.

Unless it's nonsense, responding to criticism badly or calling it a waste of time (even if you're the one who asked them to do it) is not too good of an idea.

Templar Full Art

Perhaps it is. She hasn’t denied it yet.

I’m actually hoping that it happens. Imagine how cool that would be. "One arm Tristy."

O-One arm Tristy? OH! OH! Fullmetal Tristy!

Templar Full Art

I see that she has both her arms intact this time around.

H-Hold on, excuse me?! Are those spoilers?!

Templar Full Art

Tristian GO~!
Looks good for a start. Better than what I can do lol. Keep it up!

Tristian: Lady of the Lion

Shit. I was really about to download this game and review it after thinking about it. I'll wait ten days.

Graceless Reminiscence Review

Ahh, yeah. That one will be cleared up, eventually.

Graceless Reminiscence Review

Thanks for the review, jtrev. I'll pick out some points you've made and address them.

While this game is labeled as a Visual Novel game I would simply label it as an RPG.

I'm not all that sure as to what to label my game, as it has heavy implements of both RPG and Visual Novel, but I like to lean more towards the Visual Novel side, as I'm more into writing than developing games, but I absolutely love doing both of these things and wish to take it professionally someday.

As for the story, while I enjoyed the overall experience, I fear that not everyone would be able to sympathize with the story or its interpreted message.

Yeah, that's the thing about story writing. Not everyone will be able to sympathize with the moral of the story/prologue, often coming to think it's too much like anime or manga, or that the characters are horrible because they speak far too much for the player to understand, or unable to advance into it due to certain aspects of the story.

While I’m not sure about the legal usage of certain songs, each song was chosen very well and helps to create that dark and gloomy tone within the game.

Yeah, I'm hoping to change some of the OST, though they are high quality I don't believe I won't get in any trouble as I'm not selling it for any profit whatsoever and it's free to play. Otherwise, I'd get sued big time.

Nearly every battle is engaging and requires the player to think about the most effective way to defeat the enemy while retaining their health and mana (which is re-named as RP)

Well, I'd say mana and RP are different in terms of concept, though I'll let the story speak for itself. Anyway, as you may know, RP stands for Reicreia Points. A little difficult to pronounce by the way (it's Rai-Cray-Ah) so I'm definitely thinking of switching up the name itself and giving it an actual meaning, though it has its own which I've come up with.

I am a bit confused on the initial prologue but considering that this is just a demo for a series of games yet to come, I will assume that the prologue will make more sense as the rest of the story unfolds. The only real issue I saw with the presentation was that some of the dialogue gets cut off by the text box in the “locations” tab within the menu. Other than that I had no other problems with Graceless Reminisce’s presentation.

Yeah, this is a pinpoint or bump that most people encounter when they play the game, and I believe Red_Nova picked this up, as well, and I have to heavily agree. It's confusing because;
1.) Who are these people? Besides the war and their changing, who are they, really? What were they like outside of the war?
2.) Why are they fighting, to begin with? Why are they even there? It just felt like grim determination and nothing else.

But, I will be remaking the Prologue with MV and have been revising my own writing, so I've been able to touch up on these characters, along with those who weren't as involved in the story as they should be, so story and understanding wise, things will be much more open and more prone to liking and less prone to confusion. Either way, things will be making much more sense.

One character in particular doesn’t have any moves that target one specific enemy except the basic attack. Not to mention the one super effective move I found only targeted random enemies so I couldn’t target the person I wanted to hit with the attack. Other than that I didn’t really have any other issues with the gameplay.

I agree with this point! Usually, I'm more fond of having the character randomly attack an enemy, as it gives off more of the element of surprise, but it's more convenient and simple if I have the more significant skills target an enemy, and then have the random element for skills that don't cost much, or rather, aren't as important.

Anyway, thank you for the review regardless! I enjoyed it.

Graceless Reminiscence Review

Thank you for the review!

I do agree with you on a lot of the points here and there, with the characters and some of them which can be mainly forgettable, so I'll get around to fixing that. And no, the project is not dead, of course. I plan on finishing this game, whether it be story-wise or dialogue-wise, as I have improved. My friend managed to buy RPG Maker MV for themselves and myself, so I've been experimenting with that and got some progress done. I've been planning to re-make the Prologue of the game, though it will be much longer and more significant!

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