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Lol, had no idea this existed even if it was on the frontpage. But, my game's #4 for discussion, yay.

Lol, I need a bit of help here. My mindset of game making is messed up and really strict. What should be the proper mindset of someone who makes games?

Lol, I need a bit of help here. My mindset of game making is messed up and really strict. What should be the proper mindset of someone who makes games?

Let me ask you this - do you really believe downloads and reviews are all there is to it? Do you think that games here are always great if they have and always bad if they have not?

No, I don't think so at all. Even if a game has a ton of downloads and reviews that are good, I don't think it exactly guarantees you that you will like the game. In the end, you can never please everyone because everyone's perspectives of something is different.

Instead of trying to make a masterpiece when you first pick up your pencil, make a lot of small games - jam games, experiments - and learn everything you can about the process. Just make a huge quantity of things; you don't have to release them publicly.

Surprisingly enough, I've almost finished a 2-hour game that helped me learn how to gam mak as I do now. (I released it here but then I deleted it. I don't even know why. But over the years I've been here, if anything's improved it's definitely been my writing with story and characters. Or at the least, have a good sense as to what they are.)

40-hour epic that stays incredibly satisfying the whole way through

Pfft! What kind of idiot makes a 40-hour epic that tries staying satisfying with its story and gameplay throughout everything?! Certainly not me! I lied. I'm doing that right now.

But to be honest, the last two points show a lot about how you view gam mak here, and the role of yourself in it. A bad game does not necessarily make a bad dev. A bad game does not say jack shit about your worth as a person or as part of this community.

Yeah, I agree. Just because you don't necessarily make the best games doesn't really mean that you're the worst person in the universe.

Don't worry about negative reviews - certainly, don't bash the reviewer, and try to avoid being overly depressed about 'em. They're going to happen. Take 'em in stride, learn what you can, thank the reviewer for taking the time to review it, and move on to the next game.

Haha, I can't say I haven't bashed a reviewer hardcore before who doesn't like my games.

I can't say I'm not guilty of this sometimes, but just don't go too overboard. If your games aren't contributing to your financial stability, then it's not good to sacrifice too much sleep to them. (Though keep in mind that this is coming from a person with a completely obsessive work schedule XD)

FINALLY, someone who understands me! I won't not say that it's fun sacrificing sleep, working on your game and putting on your type of music then for some reason rocking your head while working on your game at like 3 AM.

If all of your reviews were low star, then some players will probably avoid the game, sure, but not all players do that. I often play games that have a low review, if I like the concept.

Ah, yeah. I always thought that people often avoid your game because the game seems like a waste of time, which is mainly why I've hated when people bashed my game, and it's happened alot of times. Some I take the hits, others I burst hard at.

If downloads were truly a sign of merit, Pom Gets Wifi would be the best game on this site. It isn't. Reviews are also not a great indicator, as everyone has their own biases and different reviewers give different scores based on their own personal scoring systems.

It's pretty hilarious that everyone jokes around about how good Pom Gets Wifi is; then again, it's not exactly a game to be ever taken seriously. In all seriousness though, I don't even know how it got so much downloads lol. Probably because Pewdiepie LP'd it? Well, either away, I agree.

I work obsessively myself most of the time. However, I do find taking breaks to play others games or play AAA games on occasion can really help. (Hell, I'll take a break just to work on a different game a lot XD)

I usually take a break at times to catch up on anime and manga, and usually marathon them then take a day to reminisce how awesome it was.

The first game I released on this site was Luxaren Allure

YES! I love that game! xD oh pfft sorry back to the original topic.

and as soon as I released my first demo, I got a lot of constructive criticism pointing out a lot of valid mistakes I had made. I don't think that makes me or my game look shitty at all, because I took the advice seriously and reworked things to fix my mistakes.

Yeah, I did the same thing for my game when I got criticism for errors that occur throughout the game, like script-crashing ones. It's actually embarrassing when I go back and think about it. Though, whenever I work on my story, apply it to RPG Maker and give it to my beta testers getting good feedback and CC, I'm always excited to open up RPG Maker and fix the problems. That's probably also a good attitude.

We're all human, and no matter how good any of us get as developers, there's always room for improvement.

Human? I'm actually a Shinigami. Bleach reference jk

It's never a good idea to let random strangers have absolute power about how you feel about your game or your self-worth as a developer. It's not easy and I'm still struggling with it myself, but you can do it, and it's rewarding.

And that's the thing - because it really is rewarding and it changes your mindset as a game dev. I don't have much experience as the greatest game devs per say, but I definitely do have a lot of experience in writing characters and story, which is fun as hell.

I find that if I am stuck inebriation sometimes help.

Whoah whoah, drinking's bad, my man.

Kind of a really long post, but thanks guys. This helps alot. Now to spam this new mindset of mine so it ends up overpowering the old mindset and eventually taking over.

Lol, I need a bit of help here. My mindset of game making is messed up and really strict. What should be the proper mindset of someone who makes games?

I had a feeling I'd have to say it eventually.

-Always finish your daily goal in making your RPG. If you fail then sacrifice sleep.
-Alot of downloads and reviews are necessary for your game to be good and to be even looked at as good.
-Low star review = nobody will ever look at your game.
-No downloads = bad game.
-Breaks? What are breaks? Never heard of such a thing.
-Being negative in a low star review where everyone can see it will get you a bad rep and the people arguing against you will probably despise your guts from here on out.
-Getting your game bashed with criticism without a means to recover from it makes your game page look bad and you especially because it looks like you made a horrible shitty game.

Uh, I think that's all.


So then Tristy IS a chick?

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Thanks! I'll be looking forward to it!