Graceless Reminiscence Review

fuck yeah almost max score
Good review, and glad you liked the characters and story. I'm trying to do what I can to make this a good/great experience for most players who come across the game. I'll take some of your errors into consideration of editing, and hopefully there won't be any more missing errors. Seriously, I need to playtest my game more...

Anyway, there's more to come, so stay tuned!

Graceless Reminiscence Review

I've sat through the entire thing and I have to say that BlastFury's reaction was quite a turn-off.
I usually never have negative reactions towards reviews but his pissed me off.

Just because someone doesn't see things the way you do doesn't mean they're wrong.
I'm not saying he's wrong on entirely everything. I just didn't agree with most of the things he wrote, and I guess, acted in an unpleasant manner.


W-Wait, that's a girl right...?

Graceless Reminiscence Review

VVBlastFuryVV, you are kind of being a jerk.
...really? You know what, forget it. This doesn't even faze me anymore. I'll take the gameplay feedback, but I'll ignore the story feedback. I've read it. One man's opinion. You don't like the story? Boo hoo to you.

I know you'll never forget this experience in your game making career, as this was the first time that you felt cheated or denied of your hard work.
I guess so.

As for your chart, you can't base your level of success primarily off that. The fact that you're putting some much effort and thought into this game is reason enough to call for victory.
Is it really? I feel as if working hard on a game and releasing the project was never enough. Completing the game, maybe, but never putting alot of effort into the game was never enough to me. With the way I work, there's never such a thing as a break or victory.

Graceless Reminiscence Review

That way, you avoid looking like a total jerk.
I'm not being a jerk.

This is not an appropriate response to someone reviewing you game, BlastFury.
Then what is?

You have to take him or leave him, and I would suggest that you take from this what aids you in making the game the best you can, and leave the rest.
I guess so. I might as well just take the gameplay criticism.

As far as the similarities between my game and yours go, I don't think it was intentional and I don't really have any issues with GR.
Thank you. I was at least motivated by it to continue my game when I play-tested your game, but I never aimed to rip off of your game.

A lot of people like what you've done, so you're clearly on the right track.
Here's how I think of game downloads on RMN:

500 and below - Alright.
500 - Not bad.
1000 - Good.
5000 - Great.
10,000 - Legend.

The use of dictionary definitions and the inclusion of grammatical rules helps explain clearly and factually why the title is bad, and in a world where words have set meanings, you can have a title that is objectively bad because it does not work grammatically or does not mean anything sensible.

Now that I know for certain you were aware and a fan of LINUS before releasing or developing this, if I were inclined to put it diplomatically, I would say that it is clear that you were at least heavily inspired by LINUS in the development of Graceless Reminisce.
No, I was not heavily inspired by it. Maybe a little inspired or motivated, but not heavily. I don't have any proof that I wasn't heavily inspired by Linus unless you want to go inside my brain and find out. Think what you want, but bottom line is I wasn't.

I wouldn't take it too personally on behalf of either gender. All of the characters in this game are rather poorly written (and prone to wangst). : )
Ok then, Mr. God Of Characters And Story: since my game seems to be such a joke to you with that smiley face, what should I do to improve my characters?

Graceless Reminiscence Review

Oh, and a few more things.

a game seemingly designed specifically to have a lot of people like it and released correspondingly right before the Misao voting if I am not mistaken.

Uh, yeah, you're mistaken there. Big time.

And now, a final disclaimer. I need to disclose that I found this game to be suspiciously, conspicuously, eerily similar to some earlier demo releases of LINUS by blueperiod, a game which I was later brought on as a gameplay consultant for.

If you think I'm copying him, you are dead wrong.

It is possible that if VVBlastFuryVV speaks English as a second language, this all may come off a bit harsh. However, I must insist that it is a fair request to ask that non-native English speakers stay away from showy $10 words like 'Graceless' and 'Reminisce'.

Yeah. Sure. Ok.