You'd think MZ would use a dictionary for switches/variables by now?
Games developed:
- Private Eye
- -repent loci- useless apologies of a troublesome witch
- Sa Ilalim ng Gabi
- The Swallow's Descent

...I still have to recreate my profile.
Sa Ilalim ng Gabi
A horror game taking the role of a priestess doing her best to avoid the chaos.



Bows Are Easy And Only For Women - Clichés To Hate

Nerf Peacekeeper and Valkyrie please.

Too OP.

Wrong Literacy Assumption – Fixing A Bad Design

You could add a bell-ringer. And... is this a blog for your game? Pretty much has the feel of it.

Spread Diary Entries - Clichés To Hate #1

Good article.

Though there are ways to deconstruct this type of cliche. Still, I get the point. I do like Elder Scrolls for keeping its own diaries intact without scattering it throughout a dungeon.

Too much exploration makes you a sloppy fighter

Then again, Monster Hunter existed.

The Do's and Don'ts of Mapping Part 8

Bridging Story and Gameplay: Critical Moments

I agree with this one, especially that you'll really have to do so in order to finish the game.

And also, I remember Asura's Wrath's Episode 21 where you fight Yasha (spoiler alert)... TO THE DEATH. The game forces you to fight your own damn brother-in-law with a soothing, melancholic music. That's right, you're going to fight the bro you had while fighting the Will of The Planet.

I do know that Capcom owns AW and DMC and I highly notice the similarity with the fight scene, but it was still pretty epic. Also, the brofist at the end of the fight. ;-;

A case for RPG Maker

You're right about that. It's not the tools you use but the art you make. Games are just like art and we perfect them no matter what. And I am still confused of why Pitch Black disgusts itself from the RTP Spirit.

RM Games Not Hosted on RMN #2

The creators of Barkley be like:

"When you mak gam but ball is life."

And playing that game gives me memories of me capable of dunking on the opponent.

Best of Blogs #016

Woah, only 6 of them?

Time to get rekt once they get updated and read a lot of blogs rather than stuDYING.

Get Social #7: Confidence

I'm really sure that you've been listening to Justin Bieber all over again.
Really misplaced for an insult if that's the idea.

Nah, it's not an insult. I just happen to have my friend to play Love Yourself in front of me and I thought it would be the same case as of you.

But welp, nice article.
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